Not Again

Natalia and Zayn have fought countless times but one day something changed in them. The only thing is that they are both hiding secrets from the past that they have to keep that is why they can't accept the new changes in their lives.


1. The change

Natalia's Pov:
"Zayn!" "Zayn!"I called out as I ran down the hall. Why won't he just look? Carrying these books are starting to get harder by the second. "Yup?"Zayn asked turning around to face me making me stop. "I need your help in science"I said blushing. "Why? You want to get closer to me and flirt with me?"Zayn says mocking me. That's the problem with Zayn, he's so annoying and he thinks I have a crush on him but no!He walks around winking at girls or something.Its irritating!

Zayn's Pov:
Natalia came running again to me. She just has to make herself look dumb for me to like her. "Will you help me in science during lunch?" she asked after I teased her. "Ok fine"I agreed to her. She just wont admit that she likes me! Why?!

Natalia's Pov:
Finally, he agreed. After our goodbyes I walked down thinking about my hatred for him. He just had to be so proud! But interfering with my thoughts were other ones. How his smile turned the whole world on- wait, I'm supposed to hate him!
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