Not Again

Natalia and Zayn have fought countless times but one day something changed in them. The only thing is that they are both hiding secrets from the past that they have to keep that is why they can't accept the new changes in their lives.


3. Something

Ya, why would I? "Zayn. Here I am, once again."Natalia says as a greeting. "Hey" I reply. Hey? I know I could do better than that!"Let's get a table and study, shall we?" she asked. "Sure, ya, that's cool"I said.
-As we say down-
"Hey, Zayn. I heard there is gonna be a new season for XFactor. Are you auditioning?"I asked."Yup."Zayn replied. "But I don't know what song to sing. Oh, are you going to audition?"He asked opening his science book. " No I am not and How about Let me Love You by Mario?" I answered and suggested getting something from my bag. " Sure. I'll try that."He answered.
-The next day-
"Ron!" "RON!" I shouted running downstairs "WHY?"he asked "Where is Kuya Roy?(Kuya means brother)"Where is he?" I asked " Hanging out with someone." Ron answered "Who.Margaret?" I asked. " Yup"he answered "Thanks Kuya!"I shouted
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