Summer camp blues

School camping trip, fun huh, wrong.

Lets see, a class of 16 year old hormonal teenagers, placed within walking distance of each other.

Smart idea right? * note the sarcasm*

This is one direction fan fiction, the boys are not famous, they are all 16 in this and to clear things up now, I have nothing against one direction, I freakin love them.


3. put into groups, crap

Nialls POV:

I cant believe she just blew me off, no one has ever done that before, it hurt, but why?

I turned around and walked back over to the boys, they had been watching my little interaction, if you could even call it that.

"Well, whens ya little date?" Asked zayn.

"Never, I dont have a date." I replied.

"What, you mean she blew you off" Harry asked.

"Yeah, why though?" I replied.

"Its because she doesnt like you, any of you" a voice said behind me.

It was crystal, she was one of our populars, she was nice to pretty much everyone though.

"What do you mean she doesnt like us, everyone likes us" Liam said.

"Well not her, or her friend Alisha, they both think your all cocky idiots who think they can get anyone they want. She also calls you all players." She answered.

"What! Why do they have such strong views on us?" I asked.

"Just forget her anyway, they have no experience any way." She said.

"What do you mean, have no experience?" Asked Louis.

"Well the Alisha girl has a bit of experience, shes had a few boyfriends and kissed them and all, but Marley is unexperienced, shes untouched." She said.

"What do you mean 'untouched'" I asked.

"Oh my god, I mean she is untouched, never been kissed, never had a boyfriend, never been touched in that way by a guy. Untouched!" She replied and walked off.

"Wow, untouched. thats pretty hot in a wierd way" said Harry.

"Back off Harry, I saw her first" I said back. Did I really just say that, I think i did.

"Ok, we'll have a bet, Alishas pretty cute. You take Marley, I'll have Alisha, first one to get them to go out with them is the winner" Said Harry.

"No, that cruel, having a bet on a girl" I replied.

"Not really, you get a girlfriend either way" He said smiling. "Deal?"

"D-Deal" I said accepting his little game.

What am I doing?

Marleys POV:

I kep glancing up to look at the boys, everynow and then they would look over at me and Alisha. What were they planning?

1 hour later we had arrived at the camp, let the horror story begin. We all stood up and got off the coach, the teachers gave us this long boring speech and showed us where our dorms were.

Me and Alisha were sharing, yes, atleast I have her to keep me from running away.

After settling in, we all had to go to the canteen bit to here another boring speech, and get put in our groups.

Me and Alisha got a table near the back and sat down, the boys all sat down on the table right next to us and kept on glancing over. What is their problem?

"Ok class, before you are put into your groups, you must hear the rules.

rule 1: No going out after 9

rule 2: Girls stick to your side of the dorm rooms, boys stay on your side.

rule 3: there is to be no sexual interactions between any of you. I know what your thinking, and it isnt going to happen. No kissing, sneaking into each others rooms or sneaking out.

Now, lets see what groups your all in." She said 

She read from a long list and placed people in their groups, Liam and louis got placed with some girls and another one of their mates. Now came me and Alisha.

"Now group 6 will be; Alisha cole, Marley Rose, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Niall Horan." She said and carried on putting people into groups.

What the hell, why did she put us with... Them. Me and Alisha looked at eachother then looked over at the boys table. Harry, zayn and Niall were all staring at us waving.

Please, no, make it stop.

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