Summer camp blues

School camping trip, fun huh, wrong.

Lets see, a class of 16 year old hormonal teenagers, placed within walking distance of each other.

Smart idea right? * note the sarcasm*

This is one direction fan fiction, the boys are not famous, they are all 16 in this and to clear things up now, I have nothing against one direction, I freakin love them.


10. LOST not the tv show

Niall's POV:

The sun woke me up, bright and blinding, and pretty much sucky. 

I stretched out and my hand landed on something soft, I looked down and saw something that made me smile. 

Marley was cuddled up into my side, and the soft thing that my hand was on just so happened to be her boob, I took my hand of it and moved it to her head. I stroked her hair away from her face and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. 

She was so beautiful, and she was mine, no doubt about it. 

"Morning sunshine" I said quietly. 

She groaned a little and then replied "mm... Good morning" She smiled. 

I went to lean down to kiss her but then she screamed and ran into the bathroom. 

"What the f..." I said to myself. 

Then she came back out, smiled, ran over to the bed and got on top of me, planting a soft passionate kiss on my lips. 

I was a little shocked at first but then kissed back, I moved my lips in synch with hears and tilted my head to side to deepen the kiss, I then pulled back and ended the kiss. 

Marleys POV:

 My forehead creased into a frown, but he gave me no time to react, bending over to kiss me again, his mouth so familiar, so delicious, so tender on mine. Giving in, i reached up to tangle my hands in his hair, losing myself completely in the pleasure of his kiss.

He never kissed hard, but always with a tender gentleness that somehow contained within it an almost overwhelming passion, and the effect was as intoxicating as I had remembered it to be last night. He rolled us over so we were lying on our sides facing each other and placed his hand to the small of my back and pulled me close, the warmth of his body inviting me closer as I surrendered myself to his lips, arms and him. 

Our lips parted and we both took in deep, deep breaths. Kissing for 5 minutes straight can do that to you :) 

"So... Are you gonna tell me why you spazzed out a few seconds ago?" Niall questioned, arching his eyebrow, making him look completely ridiculous. 

"Oh... That?" I replied, acting as if I didn't know what he was talking about. 

"Yes that" he replied, smirk plastered on his face. 

"Morning breath" I winked and got up quickly, maybe a little too quickly because the next thing I knew Niall was clutching his.. Umm.. Area. 

"Oh my god Niall, I didn't just, well, hit you there did I?" I questioned, panicked. 

"As a matter of... Uh god... Yes, yes you did" he groaned in pain. 

"Oh god I'm so sorry, is there anything I can do to help or apologize for it?" I pleaded, knealing down next to him. 

His eyes grew wide, then a playful smirk grew on his face. 

"Well..." He started, but then the door flew open and in came Harry and Alisha, in a giggling fit it appeared. 

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