Summer camp blues

School camping trip, fun huh, wrong.

Lets see, a class of 16 year old hormonal teenagers, placed within walking distance of each other.

Smart idea right? * note the sarcasm*

This is one direction fan fiction, the boys are not famous, they are all 16 in this and to clear things up now, I have nothing against one direction, I freakin love them.


5. im in love with a player boi

Harry's POV:

After we were dismissed back to our rooms, we all stood up and left the canteen, I saw Alisha heading to her room and followed her.

She was... well... kinda cute when she walked. Yeah, I know it sounds dumb, but its true.

Suddenly, she stopped and turned around quickly, giving me no time to react.

"Why are you following me?" She asked.

"I dunno, I wanted to?" I replied smiling.

She was strong ill give her that, she just stood there and stared at me, then turned on her heal and carried on walking. She was making me chase her, well two can play at that game.

I ran after her and she started running, she was laughing and her laughter echoed the halls, it kinda reminded me of a horror movie, or a fairy tale, one of the two.

I got to an intersection that had 3 different routes to take, which one did she take? I chose the one on the left and started running again, she was no where to be seen, for a girl she runs fast.

Then out of nowhere, I feel a person jump on my back, a light one at that. I turn my head a bit and see Alisha smiling at me.

"I found you" she said.

"You found me? I was chasing you" I replied confused.

She just laughed at got off my back, she grabbed my hand and led me to her room, what is she going to do to me?

"Why are we at your room?" I asked.

"Because" she said.

"Because what?" I asked.

"Because of this" she replied.

I looked at her confused, when a pair of lips hit mine, my body started tingling, and for once in my life, I didnt know where to put my hands.

As the kiss deepened, I placed my hands on her waist and she wraps her arms around my neck. I couldnt control myself with this girl, for someone so inexperience, she knew what I liked.

Alishas POV:

Ok I admit it, I have had a major crush on Harry since year 9, so its been nearly 2 years. Hes just so cute and funny, and hot and dreamy.

His voice makes you melt everytime he speaks, dont judge, if you saw him, you would want him to.

I didnt know what I was doing when I took him to my room, I kinda improvised and kissed him, OMG, such a good kisser.

I got butterflies and everything, I didnt even know what the hell I was doing, and harry was just standing there with his hands by his sides. Until the kiss deepened, and he wrapped his arms around my waist, his touch burned my skin and I wanted the kiss to last forever.

After 5 minutes of normal kissing, he started sucking my lip, wanting entrance, I didnt let him at first, but I gave in after a bit. When I say a bit, I mean like 20 seconds.

I have never done a french kiss with anyone before, and I had no clue what to do, I dont think it mattered though.

His hands travelled across my body and I know I should stop him, as im meant to hate him, but its just so god damn hard. Kinda like him at the minute (sorry, I didnt like writing this either).

I think Harry was fighting the urge to rip his clothes off, he did have a bad habit of getting naked. I moved my hands to his shirt buttons and started to undo them, I could feel him smile through the kiss.

"How do you do it?" He asked.

"Do what?" I replied.

"You know exactly what I want" he said.

"I dunno, maybe its a gift" I replied.

"Or maybe its meant to be" He said.

I moved my gaze to look him in the eye, he smiled and so did I, I wasnt going all the way tonight, Im not ready for that, but it doesnt mean I cant do other things.

"I wonder what happened to Niall and Marley" He said.

Shit, Marley. I had totally forgotten her, how could i forget her?

"Maybe she went for a walk or something" I said.

"Na, Nialls probably trying to make a move on her" he said cockily.

I pulled myself away from him and stared at him.

"What do you mean, trying to make a move?" I asked.

"Well he kinda likes her, and hes been trying to get some 'alone time' with her, since we got her" he replied.

"Wait, you mean, Niall likes Marley. Shit, Marley is going to freak out if he tries anything" I said.

"What do you mean freak out?" He asked sitting down next to me, clearly interested.

"Well, as you know people call us untouched, but shes the most untouched of the pair of us, I scared incase she panics." I answered him.

"Im sure she'll be fine" He said, calming me down a bit.

"I hope so" I replied worriedly.

We just sat there talking for what felt like an hour, but it had only been like 20 minutes. It was time for him to go back to his own room, so he stood up, said goodbye (kissing me on the cheek I might add) and left.

Im in love with a player boi.

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