Summer camp blues

School camping trip, fun huh, wrong.

Lets see, a class of 16 year old hormonal teenagers, placed within walking distance of each other.

Smart idea right? * note the sarcasm*

This is one direction fan fiction, the boys are not famous, they are all 16 in this and to clear things up now, I have nothing against one direction, I freakin love them.


8. I am no superhero

"Uh, why dont you just grow up" she yelled.

Why is she getting so angry over a little kiss, I didnt even kiss her back, I pushed her off me.

"Why are you so mad at me, it was just a kiss" I said.

I knew I had said something wrong, her eyes were beginning to tear up, and her face went blank of emotion.

"You wanna know why I am upset about this, you wanna know why i'm angry at you?" She asked, her voice blank.

I dont know if I want to know the answer to this, but I nodded anyway, I hope this isnt bad.

"I'm angry because... Because that was my first kiss, my first anything. And to see someone you just kissed, kissing someother girl, like your kiss was nothing. It lowers a persons confidence, it makes them feel like they were nothing, and it was just a stupid kiss" she explained, tears now dripping down her porcelain skin.

I was so mad at myself right now, how could I have been so stupid as to not know why she was angry, wait, she wasnt angry; she was hurt.

"I'm so sorry, Marley. I know that a sorry, isnt probably enough, but its all I can manage to say right now."

"I-I just thought that you kissed me for a reason, and not for some quick hook up" she said, her voice getting quieter as she spoke.

"I-It wasnt just some 'hook up', I really do like you, and to see you hurt like this; it hurts me all the same" I said.

A faint smile formed on her sad face, immediatley making her look beautiful. I cant see any mascara running, or makeup getting smudged, is she even wearing any?

"Do you wear make up?" I asked, totally out of the blue.

"N-No, I dont like it, makes my skin itch" she stuttered.

"Oh, I just thought that to be so beautiful, you'de be wearing make up" I said.

Her face started turning scarlet, and I knew I had said the right thing. She was so cute when she blushed, I want to make her look like that all the time.

"You, think I'm beautiful?" She asked.

"Yes, and I want us to start over, forget everything that happened and begin a new" I said, sitting next to her on the bed and taking her hands in mine.

"I'de like that" she smiled, looking up at me.

I couldnt understand why, but she lured me in, everything she did was like gravity, small things she did, pulling me in.

I leant in, at first I thought she'd pull away, but she didnt; she leant in to it also.

Our lips met and I felt fireworks, NO, a nuclear explosion go off in my body. I loved her lips on mine, the touch of her skin on mine, her.

"Marley, would you maybe wanna, you know, be my princess" I stuttered.

"Princess? Thats a new way to put it" she smiled. "And yes, I would love to be your princess, as long as you will be my prince" she added.

I nodded in reply, and took her hand leading her out of the room, only to find 3 people leaning up the wall; sleeping.

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