Summer camp blues

School camping trip, fun huh, wrong.

Lets see, a class of 16 year old hormonal teenagers, placed within walking distance of each other.

Smart idea right? * note the sarcasm*

This is one direction fan fiction, the boys are not famous, they are all 16 in this and to clear things up now, I have nothing against one direction, I freakin love them.


4. Did that just happen?

Harry's POV:

How lucky are we, the girls we had bets on, were in our group. At first I first he would be left out, but then remembered that he was dating Perrie from music. Let the games begin.

"Ok everyone, get into your groups" Ms. collent said.

We said goodbye to Louis and Liam and walked over to the girls table, and sat down.

"Hello ladies" I greeted.

"Hi boys" they replied in unison with smiles on their faces.

Huh, I thought they hated us, O well.

"So, looking forward to the next 2 weeks together?" Asked Zayn.

They looked at eachother and smiled.

"We are if you are" they said.

I am strangely turned on right now, how is this happening.

Nialls POV:

This is wierd, first they dont like us, now they flirting... Oh my god, their playing us. Well, two can play at that game.

It was time to go back to our rooms, Zayn had gone off with Perrie (probably making out), and Harry had stolen Alisha. It was just me and Marley, time for payback.

"Hey babe" I said.

I saw her flinch, but then looked at me and smiled.

"Heya" she replied.

I turned around to see if anyone was following us, the halls were empty and most people were already asleep. I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into a nearby cupboard.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"I cant help it, I just cant contain myself when im around you" I said.

"Well try harder" she said.

She went to grab the door handle but I pushed her up the wall, with my arms on either side of her head.

"You know you want me" I said.

"Yeah, totally" she said sarcastically.

"I can see that your hiding your true feeling for me, you know you like me deep down" I replied

"Yeah, really, really, really deep down" She said.

She tried to walk out again, but I grabbed her by the wrists. She looked at me, and I stared into her eyes, big mistake. Her eyes were actually beautiful, like really beautiful.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"I... You have really beautiful eyes" I whispered.

I must have said something right, because she blushed and looked at the ground. For a nobody, she was gorgous, completely stunning.

I lifted her chin with my hand and smiled at her, she smiled to and I got a sudden urge to kiss her. Do I?

"Its really hot in here" I said taking off my shirt.

Marley's POV:

Our plan backfired. Me and Alisha were trying to throw them off but they kept on coming back for more.

Im now in a closet with Niall and Alisha has gone off somehwere with Harry, this is going to be an eventful summer.

"wow, its really hot in here" said Niall. He then took his shirt off.

WTF, wow he has abs, stop it Marley you dont like him, but look at that chest.

"Why did you just take your shirt off?" I asked.

"Like I said, its hot" he replied.

"No I think thats just you" shit, I didnt mean to say that.

What was gonna happen now, thoughts were going through my head until two arms grabbed me and pulled me down on top of a body.

It was Niall, he had pulled me down by my arms and I was now sitting ontop of him, this is like a long version of seven minutes in heaven. With out the heaven, I think.

"What are you doing?" I laughed.

"Well, your lying on top of me, so im lying underneath you" he said cheekily.

I went to get of him but he pulled me back down, closer to his face. I stroked his hair and he closed his eyes, I took my chance and stood up.

"Ha" I laughed.

"Oh yeah, i'll get you back for tricking me" he said seriously.

"Oh will you? And how will you do that?" I asked smiling.

Suddenly he pushes me up the wall, not to hard, and leans in and kisses me, I immediatley slipped my tongue in. Why, ive never kissed anyone before, and yet when Niall did it, it was so easy.

I didnt want to admit it, but there are fireworks inside me, Nialls kisses are freaking amazing.

His hand travels down to my shirt and I let him take it off, he takes a moment and stares at me, I can feel myself blushing.

"Your so amazing" he whispers against my neck, and he began to suck my collarbone.

I didnt want to but I did, I let out a small moan and my hands travel to his jeans, what am I doing, its been one day at camp and im already making out with Niall in a closet.

Nialls POV:

What am I doing? I thought I was just gonna give her a light kiss, but as soon as my lips touched hers, I felt amazing, and when she stuck her tongue in my mouth, I was shocked but happy.

We are both topless, her in her bra and me with my chest naked. Suddenly, her hands travel down to my jeans, she was so different with me, like more confident.

She slid the zip down on my jeans and I helped her pull them down, time for her skirt to come off.

I undo the buttons of the front of her skirt and take it off, were both in our underwear now. I sneakily slip my hand into her underwear and stick a finger inside her.

"Niall" she moans, this turned me on even more. She let out another small moan and I moved my lips up to hers.

I bet she could feel the hardness in my boxers, im taken back when she slids her hand down to it and starts massaging it. I cant help but let out a moan, I take my finger out and place my hands on her face and start kissing her even more passionately than I have ever done in my life.

Were both breathing pretty hard now and I move my lips to her ear and whisper; "Your beautiful".

She turns her head and blushes, I cup her face in my hands and kiss her lightly.

"We should, erm... Get going, Alishas probably wondering where I am" she says nervously.

"Ok, i'll see you at breakfast" I say and we both put our clothes back on and walk back to our own dorm rooms.

Did that really just happen, I have never been as confident enought to do that with a girl, and I did it with Marley, the invisible girl who I never even took notice of until today.

Im glad I did though.


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