Imagine's 1D

Basically the title is the answer.

Leave a comment of your name, age, boy you like, and what u look like. Can be real or made up.

You will then get a chapter about you and that boy if that makes sense.

Sorry if I don't do all of them but I will try.

Please comment and have a go :)


3. ParhamHaley

Haley Marie ParhamHaley 14 Louis 5/4 medium dirty blonde straight hair green eyes freshmen in high school

High school sucks, especially being a freshmen. I only survive at the place because of my best friend marley.

Anyway, schools school, you have your different cliques and so on, and you get the occasional cute guy. Can I tell you a secret, I like a senior.

I know what your thinking, I'm a freshmen and he's a senior, way to old for me but he's just so cute, there's just one problem, he doesn't even know I exist.

The bell rings for class and I have to go to history, yay. *note the sarcasm*

I grab my books from my locker and close it, but as I turn around someone numbs into my and I land on the floor with some stranger lying on top of me. No one is around to see so that's alright, but still.

The stranger lifts his head, omg, it's my senior. Louis Tomlinson, wow, even better looking up close.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry love" he says helping me up.

"It's ok, I didn't break anything so I'm all good" I reply.

He smiles at me and I have to stop my face from going scarlet.

"I'm Louis" he says shaking my hand.

"Haley" I reply.

We let go of each others hands and stand there.

"So, I haven't seen you round before. Have you been here long?" he asks.

"Sort of, I'm a freshmen" I reply.

"Oh cool, well you seem pretty nice and we should hang out some time. Do you have a number?" He asks.

This isn't happening, but if it is a dream, it's a pretty nice one.

"Uh yeah, it's 04728472902" I say.

"Cool, well I give you a call after school, and we can hang out" he says.

"Sure" I reply nodding.

He leans in and kisses my cheek. Omg, his lips are awesome, bit wierd to say but true.

"Bye love" he says walking off and waving.

"Wow" I sigh.

Oh wait where was I supposed to be... Shit, history.
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