Imagine's 1D

Basically the title is the answer.

Leave a comment of your name, age, boy you like, and what u look like. Can be real or made up.

You will then get a chapter about you and that boy if that makes sense.

Sorry if I don't do all of them but I will try.

Please comment and have a go :)


5. Imogen green

Imogen Green: Jules, 13, Harry, medium length brown hair, hazel eyes, medium height, tan (and I like cats!)

My names Jules, I'm 16 and today I'm off to buy my first little kitten, can't wait.

I left the house at 2 and walked down the road towards the pet store. I know Pete the owner, so I get to see all the best ones first, lucky me.

I got inside the store, walked over to the area where they keep the cats, they are all so adorable. I was just about to pick the one I wanted, I heard screaming coming from the street.

Suddenly, a boy runs into the store and slams the door behind him, the boy looked familiar.

He turned around and his eyes darted to me, that's where I knew he was from, it's Harry Styles from one direction. Oh my god.

"Sorry about the whole door slamming thing" he said.

"It's alright, you just made me jump a bit" I reply.

Just then, Pete walks in with the adoption papers, I sign and reach in for my new kitten.

"Aw, he's adorable" said Harry, walking over to me.

"Oh, yeah he is" I replied.

"So... Do you like cats?" He asks.

"Yeah, I love them, there my favorite animal" I reply.

I must have said the right thing because Harry's face spread into a massive smile.

"Do you need any help carrying the stuff?" He asks.

"Uh yeah, I could do with some help carrying my stuff home" I reply.

Harry helps me take the stuff to my flat and then asks me for my number. I give it him and before I can respond, his lips are on mine. We part lips and smile.
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