Imagine's 1D

Basically the title is the answer.

Leave a comment of your name, age, boy you like, and what u look like. Can be real or made up.

You will then get a chapter about you and that boy if that makes sense.

Sorry if I don't do all of them but I will try.

Please comment and have a go :)


6. Alicel98

alicel98: Alice (as my username may suggest!), 14, Harry, brown (supposedly strawberry blonde, but I'm sceptical) hair and blue eyes, very short (not sure if this helps, just put it anyway) thanky you :-)

"History, great." You mumbled to yourself. You always hated history in particular, partly because there was this one boy there who made it his job to to tease the living crap out out of you.

You pulled your books out your locker and slowly walked Ito your history class, and sure enough, there was the one person you wanted to see the least.

"Hey Alice, fall down any rabbit holes lately" he yelled. The class sniggered at his joke. "No, but I wish you would" You yelled back. The class burst out laughing at this.

History was slow and painful, your best friend was away so you were on your own, making the experience ever so boring.

*DING DING DING* went the school bell. "Yes home time" you thought to your self.

You grabbed your books and ran to your locker, grabbing your bag and turned around to leave when "he" came up behind you, slamming your locker door shut and leaning up against it.

"What do you want Harry?" You mumbled. No matter how annoying Harry was, he was still extremely hot, with his toned body, beautiful curls and those dimples that make you melt like butter on hot toast.

"Well a little birdy told me you are struggling with your history assignment." He said proudly.

It was true, you were struggling but you thought you'de have a little fun first.

"And what if I am" you replied, edging nearer to him.

"Well, I think I can help you" he smiled, getting ever so close to you.

"Oh really, and how are you going to do that?" You whispered, right into his ear.

"W-well... Oh forget it" he said, suddenly slamming you up against the locker.

You were about to say something when a pair of soft, perfect pink lips touched yours. "Omg" you thought.

He pulled away from you and spoke.

"Look Alice, I like you, I always have. Your so different to all the other girls in this school, I only teased you to stop myself from liking you, but when you fought back, it made me want you more." He said.

"Oh, Harry, I like you too" you said quietly.

"You do? Good, that's good." He said letting go of you and began walking off, before stopping halfway down the hall and tuning round to face your direction.

"Alice, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked shyly.

You smiled. "Of course Harry" you replied, happier than you have ever been in your life.

A/N: hope you like it. I'm a lil rusty lately
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