Imagine's 1D

Basically the title is the answer.

Leave a comment of your name, age, boy you like, and what u look like. Can be real or made up.

You will then get a chapter about you and that boy if that makes sense.

Sorry if I don't do all of them but I will try.

Please comment and have a go :)


4. 1d_jb_me13

Jessica Niall um I have long curly blonde hair blue eyes 5/3 curvy.

I am so happy and excited. I am going to my first one direction concert tonight, should be freakin awesome.

I'm Jessica an I just turned 16, I still act like I'm 13 though, don't judge.

"Time to go Hun, I don't wanna hit traffic" my mom calls up the stairs.

"Coming" I reply. I walk down stairs dressed in my white pumps, green shorts and a cute t-shirt that says 'clowns aren't cute'. Clowns scare me.

We get in the car and drive to the stadium, when we get there I meet my friends Amy, Cher and Kate. We get in line and present our tickets. Soon, we are in. We are 3rd from the back, I will be so close to them, fan girl moment.

They come out and do all their normal songs, then a woman comes into the crowd and asks me to follow her. Am I in trouble, oh no, I don't remember doing anything.

She leads me to a door labelled stage and says have fun. 'Have fun?' What does she mean?

The doors open and I am led out onto the stage, oh no way.

I'm on the stage, with one direction, no way. This gets better, Niall comes up to me and takes my hand leading me to a stool. The boys sing a song to me and when I am led off stage Niall slums his number into my hand.

I must be dreaming, but I'm not.

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