Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


8. Chapter 8


Teagan stared down at the mobile phone in her hands, she was nervous just thinking about ringing him and hearing his voice.

”What’s up?” Stacey asked from the other side of the room, she looked up from her pile of paper work momentarily to see Teagan looking anxious.

Teagan shrugged and flicked her hair from her eyes, “There’s this guy…”

”Ooh, you have my undivided attention,” Stacey smirked; she moved her legs from underneath her and put her paperwork to one side.

Teagan chuckled, “He told me to phone him tonight so we could go to this party…”

”Is he gorgeous?”

”On an epic scale… that’s why I’m finding it so hard to phone him,” She breathed, her finger hovering over the call button.

”I’ll do it if you li-“

”NO! God, no thank you! I’ll just… not call him,” Teagan pouted, Stacey glanced down at the phone in her room mates hand and shrugged.

”But then he’ll think you’re not into him and then he’ll lose interest in you?”

”Oh… shit, didn’t think of that,”

”Well phone him then!” Stacey smiled.

Impulsively Teagan got to her feet and made her way into the bathroom, she pressed the call button and when she heard it ring once she knew there was no going back.

”Oh hi Louis… yeah it’s Teagan… I’m okay thanks, you?... That’s good, so this party?... I can be at the library in about half an hour?... bring a friend? Err… okay?... yeah… see you then… bye,” She hung up and turned to walk out of the bathroom.


”I’ve got to meet him in half an hour… with a friend,” Teagan breathed, she power walked over to her chest of draws and fished inside for something to wear.

”Oo that’ll be fun,”

”Just one problem,” Teagan stated, she pulled out a purple dress and held it up to her slender figure. “I don’t have any friends,”

Stacey shrugged and bit down on her bottom lip, “I could errm… if you want?”


”Pft, like I’d turn down a party!” Stacey winked.






“Molly…” Victoria was unamused; she sat perched on the corner of her bed in her dressing gown. “Just go… I’ll be fine,”

”You haven’t stopped crying since he left yesterday, you’re not gonna be fine; I’m staying put!” Molly replied sternly. “You have no idea how stubborn I can be Vicky, I’m not leaving you alone!”

”Hero Boy might be there…” Victoria reminded her.

”… I’m not leaving you alone!” Molly repeated.

Victoria rolled her eyes and sighed heavily, “You know you want to go Moll, you bought new shoes!”

”There’s no law stating I can only wear them tonight!” Molly argued.

Victoria was adamant Molly was going to the party, truth be told she didn’t want to be alone but she didn’t want to ruin the night for her best friend either.

”Molly, I’m going in the bath then I’m going to sleep anyway, there’s NO point in you missing out on running into and possibly falling on top of Hero Boy, seriously…” Victoria lectured; she pulled herself onto her feet and stretched before walking into the bathroom and turning on the hot tap. “It’s just a complete waste of your new shoes!”

”I suppose you’re right…”

”Exactly! Now get the dress on and go! I could do with some alone time anyway,” She lied, pretty convincing too actually as Molly finally gave in.

”Promise me you’ll be okay?”

”Brownie promise,” Victoria breathed with a slight smile.

”And if you need anything you’ll call?” Molly checked.

Victoria nodded and grabbed her shampoo, potions and lotions bag from under her bed. ”Yes Mom,” She teased.

”I’m not joking Victoria,”

Victoria nodded and smiled gratefully. “Thanks Moll,”






Louis stood with his hands in his pockets staring down the corridor, he understood that girls took longer to get ready than boys but she said she’d be half an hour… 1 hour ago. He didn’t want to seem too keen but he really wanted her there tonight, there was something about her… her smile, the way she laughed… she was completely his type.

Finally after another 5 minute’s he gave in and pulled his mobile out of his pocket, he checked his call list for her number and dialled.

He drew in a nervous breath and waited for her to answer.

”Hello?” She answered breathlessly.

”Oh hey Teags, it’s Louis, I’m by the library where are you?”

”I have no idea!” She groaned, “Stacey pointed out a quicker root and now we’re somewhere near the IT block, Louis some dude just offered me £10 to show him a nipple... I’m not loving this,”

“Okay, just wait there… you’re 2 minutes away from where I am now… do you want me to stay on the phone?” He asked.

”Please… I think he’s trying to sell Stacey weed... back off!” Teagan yelled.

”Err, why?” Louis replied, he power walked down the corridor towards the IT block ignoring random people shouting ‘hi!’ in his general direction.

”Not you…”

”The darker side of IT geeks?” Louis asked, he turned another corner and spotted her and ‘Stacey’ stood against a wall. “Okay, I can see you… start walking, is it the one with the dark hair or one with the red hair?”

”What?” Teagan breathed confused, “What do you mean?”

”Which wanker was it harassing you?” Louis asked; when they were less than 10 foot away from each other he hung up.

”I wouldn’t bother,”

”Are you sure?” Louis finally tore his eyes from the two gormless prats standing near a drinking fountain and looked at Teagan. “Wow… you look beautiful,” He breathed, Teagan blushed and shook her head.

”I don’t…”

”No, you really do,” He argued, she caught his gaze and smiled.

”Thank you,”

For a few seconds the stood staring at one and other, till Stacey broke the silence.

”As slushy and sweet as that just was… isn’t there a party somewhere?” She asked, Louis kept his eyes on Teagan and nodded.

”Yeah follow me,” He smiled.

A few more seconds passed…

”Yeah… you have to be going somewhere for us to follow you,” Teagan blushed, Louis chuckled and nodded.

”Oh yeah…”






”Hey Harry ,” Rachel flirted, he smiled politely and stuck his thumb up before making his way back over to the settee where he’d left Zayn.

”Do you wanna get going now? This party’s lame!”

”I’m cool man, just cool!” Zayn replied he took a drag of his cigarette and stared down at his pint in his hand.

Harry wafted the smoke from his face and shook his head, “I thought you quit?!”

”For Victoria, seeing as she’s not about anymore I guess I can smoke again!”

”Zayn…” Harry breathed shaking his head, “Let’s go home,”

”NO,” Zayn snapped, he shook his head and finished his beer. “You wanted me to come with you, so I came… now you wanna leave?”

”Yeah!” Harry replied, “How many have you had?”

”Pft… I dunno… Saz got me this one; I think I had about 4 before that?”

”Saz as in… your ex Saz?” Harry asked biting down on his bottom lip.

”Mhm, she’s pretty…”

”Dude, don’t even think about it… I’m gonna get another beer and then we’re going home, okay?” Harry asked, Zayn nodded half heartedly and waved signalling Harry  to ‘be on his way’. “I mean it dude, you only split up with Victoria yesterday… don’t do something you’ll regret!” Again Zayn waved.

Harry rolled his eyes and made his way into the kitchen, one work surface was covered completely in alcohol and a single bottle of Coca Cola to keep the balance at… still a ridiculous ratio.

He walked over and bit down on his bottom lip examining the different bottles and cans, he felt someone fall into him from behind.

”Woah woah woah, had a little bit too much happy juice?” Harry chuckled, the girl stood up straight and he instantly recognised her. “You’re that girl Matt was being a cock to the other night!”

”Hero boy!” Molly slurred, Harry was still propping her up in his arms. “Freshers fair… your eyes…”

”Come again? Jesus, everyone’s drunk but me tonight,” He mumbled gently guiding her to a chair. “How many have you had beautiful?”

”You… think m’beautiful?”

”Well I don’t know your name,” He smiled; she chuckled slightly and leant to the right.

”I’m gonna be sick,” She groaned, in one quick motion Harry  pulled all of her hair behind her head and held it for her while she was sick.

”Maybe I should take you home?” He suggested rubbing her back gently as she heaved.

”Take me… bed,”

”Oh, steady on girl, I don’t even know your name,” He laughed.

”Molly… Clark,”

”Hi Molly Clark, I’m Harry Styles …” He smiled; he slipped one arm around her waist and helped her walk into the living room leaving the pile of sick to some poor unfortunate Kinver student. “Zayn, I’m just gonna walk Molly home, I’ll be back soon okay?”

Zayn’s head shot up, “Molly?! Is Victoria with her?”

”Why would Victoria be with her?”

”Molly’s Vicky’s roommate,” Zayn breathed sadly after realising Molly was too drunk to ever recognise him. “They live in room 142,”
”Thanks,” Harry  breathed, as they were leaving he spotted Matt sitting outside with a small plastic bag between his fingers, thinking nothing of it he carried on towards the Beacon halls.

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