Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


41. Chapter 41



The silence was nearing on deafening as Victoria fashioned Teagan’s hair in an elegant French plat, anything to distract the urge from wanting to text Zayn.

“They should be out now…” Molly breathed glancing down at her wrist watch, “It’s half 1, the audition should have only ran up to 12,”

“Maybe they’re celebrating?” Stacey suggested nervously.

Molly shrugged, “Harry said he’d phone me when he knew; maybe they’re you know… drowning their sorrows in a pub somewhere,”

“Don’t think like that! They’re probably just running a bit late,” Teagan reasoned.

“Hmm,” Molly mumbled, “I’ve just got this bad feeling,” She mumbled.

A few more torturous moments passed, the girls were growing more impatient by the second and though they’d never tell the others… they were all concerned that the boys hadn’t made it.

“I suppose at the end of the day it’s for the best,” The muffled sound of Liam’s voice came from the other side of the door.

The pine door swung on its hinges and from the look on their face’s the girls knew.

“Hey,” Molly mumbled sadly, she knew how worked up and nervous Harry had got and what for? To be turned down?

“Alright?” He replied, he pressed his back against the wall and sighed heavily.

“Yeah, what happened?” Molly exchanged glances from all four of the boys before finally resting her eyes on Harry, “Bad news?”

“Yeah,” Louis mumbled weakly.

“Oh baby, they don’t know what they’re missing!” Teagan stated pushing herself up from the floor and closing the gap between her and her boyfriend.

“Were you sick?” Victoria quizzed softly.

“Only after they told us…” Zayn replied fixing his stare on a spot on the carpet.

“To be fair, I felt like being sick when they told us,” Liam replied quietly.

A few seconds of silence passed, Harry sighed heavily and pushed off from the wall; he sauntered towards the window and placed his forehead against the glass. “I’m gonna miss this place,”

“What?” Molly replied confused. “What do you mean?”

As though the thick fog of awkward atmosphere lifted, Louis, Harry, Zayn, Liam and Niall’s faces seemed to light up.

Teagan was the first to catch on and react, “You prat!” She spat nudging Louis in the ribs who chuckled gleefully.

“Wh… OH MY GOD YOU GOT SIGNED?!?!” Victoria realised a little slower than the other’s.
“We got signed!” Zayn confirmed grinning widely.








“… and them Liam blew them away with an awesome rendition of Fly Me To The Moon, it was magical… Louis cried,” Zayn explained stretching the sleeves of his hoody down over his shaking hands, he hadn’t really gotten over the shock just yet; they’d been signed…

“Were you even there Zayn ?” Harry chuckled cocking his eyebrows.

Zayn nodded and smiled, “I zoned out if I’m honest, but in my head that’s exactly what happened!”

“You’re SO not all there,” Louis stated before beginning his own recollection of the event; “Zayn was in the loo for about 10 minutes being sick…”

“Sexy imagery for you there,” Zayn interjected.

“Harry was buttering up one of the panel who was a keen Bruce Springsteen fan, I was trying to remember lyrics and Liam was… Liam what were you doing?” Louis questioned confused.

“Dutch courage man,” Liam winked holding up a small empty bottle of Jack Daniels.

“… And Liam was lessening our chances of getting signed,” Louis added frowning slightly. “We got inside and they asked us a few questions about why we wanna be musicians… what makes us different… who are our influences were…”

“I obviously said Venga Boys,” Zayn smiled.

Harry shook his head, “You never said ONE word when you were in there!”

“I said Zayn?”

“Your name doesn’t count ratleg,”

“Guys?!” Louis interrupted, “Can I finish telling them what happened?” Harry and Zayn nodded slowly and apologetically. “Then they asked us to play them a couple of songs. We thought it’d be a bit risky singing one of our own to start with, so we sang them Help by the Beatles which they LOVED! The one woman in the panel said that we looked as though we’d been doing it years. Then we sang One Thing and What Makes You Beautiful and then they told us they signed us at the second chorus on Help BEFORE we’d even started any of our own material!”

“Oh my god! That’s AMAZING!” Teagan grinned. 

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