Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


40. Chapter 40


“Nervous?” Molly breathed gently teasing Harry’s hair with her comb.

“I think the term ‘bricking it’ is most appropriate,” Harry groaned, “I feel sick, what if I screw up? Not only will I hate me, but the guys…”

“You’re not gonna screw up Harry , you’ll be amazing, I know you will,” She smiled placing the comb back down and manoeuvring around piles of Harry ’s clothes before reaching into her handbag and pulling out a small box. “I was gonna wait till after you got signed… as a kind of congratulations gift, but I think you might need it now,” She breathed opening the box to reveal a small silver cross pendent on a silver neck chain. She straddled him and fixed it around his neck. “What?” She asked noting the smile on his lips.

“Congratulations present? You really have that much faith in me?”

“Course I do! You’re AMAZING! It doesn’t take a bunch of men in suits to realise that,” She smiled placing a gentle kiss on his lips.

“Thank you,” He breathed holding her on his lap for a few seconds. “I love you,”

“I love you more,” She argued, she loved this part. Arguing about who loves who more was a game they seemed to always be playing.

“You just can’t okay?” He breathed, standing up but refusing to let go of Molly. “I wish you could come,”

“So do I,” Molly pouted sadly, “But we’re all gonna be waiting at Louis’s, we’re the first people you let know okay?! I mean it!” She ordered.

“Yes ma’am,” Harry winked finally loosing her from his grasp and making his way over to his aftershave’s and sprays shelf.

“This one,” Molly insisted picking up a can of Lynx Africa and smiling, “I love it,”

“Then I’ll wear it,” He smiled placing a gentle kiss on her lips.









“Oh god, where’s my tie?! I can’t find it! SOMEONE’S STOLE MY TIE!”

“Louis… it’s in your hand,” Teagan chuckled pointing at the black tie draped lazily in his right palm; Louis blushed and cleared his throat. “Head not all there baby?” She breathed watching as he fussed over his reflection.

“Do I look fat to you? Maybe I should lay off the KFC’s? I know they’re good but Liam, Niall, Zayn and Harry have these TINY TINY TINY waists. And then there’s me…”

“You’re perfect Louis, you’re NOT fat!” Teagan confirmed as Louis sucked in his stomach and pouted sadly.

“I hope they look past my appearance to my talent,” He sighed.

“Louis, stop it, you’re crazy!” Teagan frowned standing up and making her way towards him, “You’re so far from fat, you’re SO fit! They’re gonna love you, I know it!” She smiled.

“How do you know that?” He mumbled placing his hands on the small of her back and pulling her in close.

“Because I love you,” She smiled.

“I love you too,” He breathed pressing his forehead against hers, “I’m so nervous,”

“There’s no need to be nervous Louis, I swear on my life… you’ll get this,”

“Swear on mine instead,” He ordered gently placing his hands on her stomach, “It’s not only your life you’re swearing on remember?”

“Both me and our baby believe in you,”

Louis smiled and kissed her again, “That’s enough for me,”




“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god… I think I’m gonna be sick again,” Zayn groaned placing his hand on his head and pressing his back against the wall. “I can’t do this… Asda have jobs going you know? I don’t NEED to be a musician… I’m not that good anyway,”

“Zayn…” Victoria warned.

“I think I’m having an actual panic attack,”

“You’re only performing in front of FOUR people Zayn ; just picture them in their underwear!” Victoria suggested.

“What?!” Zayn replied shaking his head, “Oh god no, what if there’s a busty blonde in the panel and I get a boner?!”

“I’ll cut it off,” Victoria replied bluntly.

“I didn’t mean… you know what I mean…” He groaned as he shakily set himself down on Molly’s bed, “Couldn’t they just go and I can join them AFTER we get signed?”

“If you can’t perform in front of four people do you really think you’ll be able to perform in front of THOUSANDS?” She breathed.

“That’s my dream Victoria, having thousands of people go out of their way to come to a gig to watch US play! Have people respect us… cos lets face it… no one realllllly does right now,”

“Then I KNOW you’ll be fine playing in front of four people that could make it happen for you! You’ll breeze through it,” Victoria smiled slightly.

“Do I get all-night-long congratulations sex if we get signed?”

“Court tomorrow,” Victoria remembered sadly.

“Oh… yeah I forgot, luck comes in three’s though right? The band’ll get signed, Matt’ll get sent down for YEARS and then we’ll have lots of sex, yes?”

“Hmm, I’m not sure about the latter, I’ll have to think,” She teased grabbing her mobile as it began ringing.

“Is that another lover?” Zayn asked jokingly.

“Hell yeah,” Victoria winked crossing one leg over the other and smiling as she slid her iPhone open to answer. “Hey Molly, is he ready?” 

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