Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


38. Chapter 38


“Ready?” Doctor ‘George Clooney Wannabe’ checked as he helped Molly walk to the entrance of Harry’s room.

Molly nodded firmly as he pushed the door open and held it open for her, she gasped when she saw him lying on the bed.

He didn’t look like Harry, he looked gaunt and vulnerable. Nothing like her HeroBoy did before that bastard got to him.

“Do you want some time alone?” The Doctor breathed, it wasn’t until the Doctor spoke that Molly realised that Harry was awake.

His head slowly turned in the direction of the voice and though he didn’t speak a smile crept onto his lips. “I’ll take that as a yes,” The Doctor left.

For a few seconds Molly stood rooted to the spot, she wanted nothing more than to wrap her arms around his waist and cuddle into him – to kiss him and to just be close to him. But she couldn’t. She walked close to him and stood beside his bed, allowing a single tear to escape her eye.

“Don’t… cry,” Harry breathed, “I’m… still… alive… right?” His voice was hoarse and filled with emotion, she’d found it hard being away from him but she’d never stopped to think how it had affected him.

“Right,” Molly mumbled quietly, she placed her hand next to his creating minimal space between them, allowing her fingers to gently brush against his. “I wish he was dead,” She spat as Harry placed his hand boldly on top of hers.

“Snap… how a… how are you?” He muttered breathlessly.

“Don’t worry about me,” She told him wiping at her eyes.

“How… can I… not?!”

“I’m fine,” Molly told him. “I… I was so scared that I’d lose you,”

“You’re… not… that… lucky,” He quipped brokenly.
Molly stifled her laughter and bit down on her bottom lip, “Can I kiss you? Would that hurt you?”

“It… might hurt… me… more if… you… don’t,” He smiled; she breathed a sigh of relief and leant down to meet his lips.

The kiss was long awaited; passion fuelled and perfect, his right hand found her cheek and he smiled as they kissed. After a minute or so she pulled away. “God, I missed you so much,” She sighed.







"GET OUT!" Louis shouted from the bathroom, Teagan looked about the dorm room confused - she was the only one there besides Louis - he must be talking to her? "FUCK ME!" He added.

"What?! One or the other Louis? I'm not Houdini!" Teagan breathed rolling her eyes.

"Teags, we've got an audition," Louis beamed emerging from the bathroom, he moved closer to her and held the sheet of paper at arm’s length. "See!"


"Yeah! Me and the boys! Do you remember me telling you about my friend in Essex? James Cotrall? Jimmy Cotrally? JC? Jimbob-"

"Louis..." Teagan groaned.

"Sorry, well we were writing songs together last time I saw him and him and his band... Union Jack? Union... I dunno. They've just been signed by Simon Cowell and JC told him how awesome we are and we've got an audition..." Louis breathed calmer this time. "I feel quite sick, this is... wow this is big,"

"Errm, sweetie, not that I'm not excited for you - I mean I REALLY am - but Harry's still in hospital..." Teagan replied delicately.

"I know! James told them! And apparently the SECOND Harry's well enough for a jamming session they wanna see us!"

"Oh my god, that's amazing!"

Louis nodded slowly a slight smile still lingering on his lips, "God, this is all I wanna do Teags, I just... I wanna entertain - I was born to entertain... do you think I'm entertaining?" He asked finally tearing his eyes off the letter and looking at Teagan.

"I think you're VERY entertaining," She smiled sweetly, "Just one question..." She breathed straddling him.

"Hmm," He mumbled beginning to kiss her neck softly.

"Do you always read your mail when you're on the toilet?"

Louis chuckled and nodded, a slight blush tinting his cheeks, "Well you know, gives me something to read while I'm..."

"DON'T... finish that sentence..." She mumbled unbuttoning the first few buttons on his pale pink shirt, "It's definitely a moment killer," She added seductively.






“I’m fine,” Harry stated trying to sound as convincing as possible, “It’s my chest, lungs and ribs that ache… my vocal chords are fine! I can still sing!” He added smiling bravely.

“There’s no way I’m letting you even consider going for this audition until you’re better!” Molly argued.

Harry groaned and fidgeted on his bed, “Moll please,”

“NO! I’m not risking you hurting yourself anymore, this can wait, okay?!”

“Yeah…” Harry mumbled quietly.


“Yeah okay fine, I won’t!” His voice was louder now, “I wish I killed Matt when I had the chance, he’s ruining my life! We might not get signed, I haven’t had sex OR relieved myself in well over two weeks, he hurt my girlfriend, he hurt my friends, he… err… wore very bright orange trainers.”

“Now you’re just being petty.” Molly chuckled leaning forward and placing her hand on his upper torso.

“I just feel like an invalid,” He pouted sadly, “I feel fine, seriously… I’d get up and jive if you weren’t standing there forcing me into bed rest!”

“Jive?” She repeated.

“Or you know… something… cool. Fact still remains; I feel fine!” He promised her. “I think you should just let me audition and if I-“, he stopped mid-sentence noting the stern expression on her face. “Never mind.”

“I just don’t want you getting hurt... anymore than you already are.” She added gently.

“You don’t have to worry about me beautiful,” Harry smiled placing his hand on top of hers. “Takes more than a weedy prat like Matt to keep me down.”

“Hmm, OH! Speaking of, I got a letter about court dates… I don’t know whether I wanna go, I’ve started writing my statement but… I don’t wanna see him!” She breathed sadly.

“I can understand that, if you change your mind though, I’ll be there with you.” He assured her, “It might give you some closure though, knowing that he’s locked away if you see the judge pass sentence on him.”

“I suppose…” 

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