Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


37. Chapter 37


Molly groaned as light flooded into the room, the first sign that she was no longer in the cement factory – a window. She groggily looked about the hospital room and whimpered.

“You’re awake,” Zayn smiled sitting forward in the chair.

“Hmm,” She groaned weakly, “Where’s Harry?”

“He errm…” Zayn began; he glanced down at his hands and sighed heavily.

“No… he’s not… dead…”

“No! He’s… I’ll get the doctor,” Zayn mumbled slowly getting up from his seat and making his way over to the door. A few seconds passed and he returned with a doctor – who looked a bit like George Clooney Molly noticed, E.R? – and sat back down in his previous seat.

“Hello Miss Clark,” The doctor smiled warmly, “How are you feeling?”

“Hmm, how’s my boyfriend?” Molly replied not beating around the bush, she didn’t want small talk she wanted answers.

“Miss Clark, Harry suffered from a pulmonary contusion we believe he obtained from the coach crash, he fell quite a distance and the impact must have been pretty severe,” The doctor explained looking down at his notes.

“What do you mean pulmonary con… yeah, what do you mean?!”

“A pulmonary contusion is a bruise on the lung usually caused by a chest trauma, like I said the severity of the contusion leads me to believe that it was the crash rather than the events afterwards as to when and where he sustained the injury,”

“But he’s going to be okay?! He won’t die?! It’s just a bruise right?!”

“At this point there’s no way of telling, the contusion was bad enough but being locked away without medical care for the night worsened the injury. He’s being monitored as we speak so that his condition doesn’t worsen still. And that complications such as pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome don’t occur,” The doctor explained.

“Can I see him?” Molly breathed quietly.

“I’m afraid not, like I said he’s being closely monitored for the next few days,” He stated apologetically. “I’ll let you know if anything changes,” He offered before leaving.

A few seconds of silence passed, till Zayn spoke, “You alright?”

“I just wanna go home,” Molly cried bringing her trembling hands up to her face, “How is everyone? How’s Victoria? How’s Teagan? How’s the baby?! Is Louis alright? How hurt are you?”

“Everyone’s fine, Victoria has to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks but she’s more worried about you,” Zayn breathed.

Molly let out a loud tearless sob, “This is all my fault, I’m so sorry Zayn I…”

“Molly, it’s NOT your fault! You didn’t ask Matt to be a massive dick did you? No one blames you beautiful,”

“I blame me,” She mumbled quietly.









“Okay just move your right leg, okay no? Then your left… just put your hands on my shoulders, put all your weight on me. Just try and…”

“Zayn!” Victoria silenced him; she swung her legs off the side of the bed and pointed at the wheelchair. “Just bring me the chair and I’ll do it myself,” She breathed, he hurried over to the wheelchair and bought it next to the bed.

“Sorry,” He mumbled, he took her hand in his and helped her into the chair.

She groaned loudly and shook her head, “No I’m sorry, I’m just agitated and stuff… I’m sorry,”

“Don’t be,” He smiled bringing her hand up to his face and placing a gentle kiss on her grazed knuckles. “I love you,”

“I love you more,” Victoria smiled; he shook his head, sat forward and kissed her softly.

“Not physically possible,” He breathed leaning in to kiss her again before the clearing of a throat interrupted them.

“Don’t mind me, like I always say – free porn is the best kind!” Liam winked running his fingers through his hair and flashing them an award winning smile.

Zayn rolled his eyes and stood up, “Pervert,” He breathed resting his hands on the handles of the wheelchair.

“I’ll get that man, save your back,” Liam offered.

Zayn shook his head but smiled gratefully, “It eases it up having something to lean on,” He explained beginning to push Victoria.

“I feel like a kid in a pushchair,” Victoria pouted.

“Yeah, we should hand her over to Louis let him get some practise in,” Liam joked.

“Excuse me!” Victoria frowned, “Hand me over? I’m sorry in my injured state I’m such a liability to you,”

“If it’s any consolation you’re not a liability to me,” Zayn stated as he slowly wheeled her out into the hospital corridor.

Victoria smiled and nodded slowly, “Oh look, new scenery,” She looked back at the room she’d been held prisoner in for the past two days; she’d begun resenting that room and despite Zayn being there for every single second of visiting time – not a millisecond less – it got insanely lonely. “Eeep, I can’t wait to see her,”

“I think she gets to see Harry later,” Liam breathed walking along side the wheelchair. “All being well, they still said he could deteriorate,”

Victoria whimpered sadly and looked down at the white and yellow hospital gown, “I argued with him so much, it was only playful though! Like brother / sister banter, cos that’s what I saw him as; another brother,”

“Don’t write him off yet baby, that dude’s got a fight in him yet,” Zayn soothed her, “Be strong for Molly okay? She needs you right now,”

Victoria nodded slowly and held in a deep breath as Liam opened Molly’s hospital room door.








“Hey beautiful,” Victoria smiled weakly as Molly came into view, “Oh no, one of us will have to go home and change,” She joked referencing to the hideous matching hospital gowns.

Molly chuckled and nodded. “Hardly fetching huh?”

“Hmm, I feel like a bag of poop tied around the middle,” Victoria pointed out, “How are you feeling?”

“I feel like I’ve just been run over with a combine harvester,” Molly explained, “How about you?”

“I’ll live,” Victoria responded.

Molly nodded and looked down at her hands, “I’m sorry Vick,”

“Don’t talk wet Moll; it’s so far from your fault! The only person I blame is that greasy fucktard that did all this. No one blames you,”

“I just feel like…”

“It’s not your fault you’re gorgeous!” Liam smiled trying to lighten the mood; Molly chuckled and shook her head.

I can’t wait to see him,” She breathed biting down on her bottom lip, “He was so brave, the doctors said that the contusion should have affected him straight away but he carried on all through the night and then he saved me…”

“Living up the HeroBoy nickname,” Victoria breathed smiling slightly.

“Suppose it was like an adrenaline shot knowing that Matt could be hurting you,” Zayn suggested.

“Yeah…” Molly breathed sadly, “But now he could be dying…”

“He won’t die!” Victoria replied sternly, “There’s no way he’d… there’s just no way, he’ll be fine and then he’ll gormlessly laugh at the fact that we doubted it,”

Zayn placed his hand on Victoria’s shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze noticing the tears brimming in her eyes. “He’ll be fine,”

Molly nodded slowly, “I hope so,” 

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