Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


35. Chapter 35


“Hello sweetheart,” Matt smirked stepping into the now brightly lit room; Molly squinted her eyes into focus and let out a loud tearless sob.

“You… I…” She shifted across the floor and pressed her aching back against the wall. “What did you do?!” She demanded tears falling from her eyes.

“I just wanna be with you,” He breathed, he made his way across the room towards her but backed away as she started to tremble. “I did this so we can be together… can’t you see that?”

“On an epic scale no!” Her voice grew louder with every syllable. “Look at me Matt,” She snapped, she pushed herself onto her aching feet and edged closer to him. “Do I look like I wanna be with a psychopath like you?!”

His top lip twitched and his nose scrunched up as he knotted one of his huge powerful hands in her hair. “I’m NOT a psychopath!”

“Okay,” Molly breathed weakly.

“Say it!” He ordered

“You’re not a psychopath,” Matt loosed her hair and began walking away towards the huge


industrial steel door. “Where are my friends? Where’s Harry?”

“Your friends are fine,” Matt replied briskly.

“Where’s Harry?!” Molly repeated louder this time.

Matt turned slightly, he stalled for a few seconds and bit down on his bottom lip, “He could never love you like I do,” And on that note he left her sprawled across the cold concrete floor, her entire body trembled as the lights went out again. She scurried across the floor till her back found the wall once again.









“Zayn…” Louis whispered craning his neck into Victoria’s room.

“Shh,” Zayn silenced him slowly moving his hand away from Victoria’s; he got up and winced in pain before slowly moving towards the door. “She’s just got to sleep dude,” He frowned.

“Good then she doesn’t need to worry, the paramedics and fire crew have torn the coach apart looking, the scene of the crash… they can’t find Molly or Harry…” He explained, Zayn nodded slowly and sighed heavily. “They also can’t find the driver of the lorry,” Louis concluded.

“Matt?” Zayn checked, Louis shrugged and flicked his hair from his eyes.

“My exact thoughts,”

“Have you spoken to-“, Zayn stopped abruptly and held in a deep breath.

“Maybe you should sit down,” Louis suggested offering Zayn his arm for support.

“I’m fine,” Zayn lied; he leant against Louis and glanced down at his arms, “Look at you! Man, you look like someone tried to stick you through a shredder,”

“Vicky said the same,” Louis breathed sadly.

“We share the same brain you see,” Zayn winked, “How’s Teagan? And the err… you know… is she still… you know,”

“She’s still pregnant Zayn,”

Zayn breathed a sigh of relief and bit down on his bottom lip, “Have you spoken to the police about Matt?”

“They’re already looking for him,” Louis breathed sadly, “I just hope they get there before Matt…”

“Matt?” Victoria’s hoarse voice interrupted them both. “What’s going on?” She breathed trying to sit up slightly; as though his own pain had disappeared Zayn rushed forward and placed his hand on her shoulder.

“You’re supposed to stay still,” He stated assertively.

“And you’re supposed to do the same!” She responded as Louis finally moved into the room. “What about Matt?!” Victoria repeated, both Louis and Zayn remained quiet. “Look if that bastard’s hurt or killed my best friend and my cousin I wanna know about it! And if you’re both not telling me something then so help me god when I’m better I’ll hunt you both down!”

“Vick…” Zayn calmed her; he took her hand in his and ran his thumb over her grazed knuckles. “We think Matt was driving the lorry that crashed into the coach; Molly and Harry haven’t been found,” Zayn explained briefly.

Victoria stared at him for a few seconds before blinking away the tears in her eyes, “He… he killed them?” She choked.

“NO! No… I don’t think he’d kill them,” Zayn breathed glancing out of the window and into the night. Not yet anyway he thought.








Harry eyes remained locked on Matt as he paced the room, knife in hand. “Why don’t you just kill me?” Harry breathed quietly.

“Shut up,” Matt silenced him.

“What’s wrong Matt? Lost your nerve? Finish the job!” Harry goaded him on; Matt stopped pacing and shot Harry  a look that probably scared him more than it did Harry . “That’s where I’ve been going wrong all these years, while I’ve been wining and dining girls and treating them like a queen. I should have just locked them away in the dark and tortured their previous boyfriend in another room, not to mention try and kill all her friends – that’s obviously how you get a girl to like you,” Harry  groaned, twisting at the thick brown rope constraining his hands.

“Take the piss all you like Harry; it’s not me bleeding to death in a cold dark room,”

“No but it will be,” Harry threatened angrily, Matt’s knot on the rope tied around Harry ’s hands was a good one and Harry knew no amount of twisting and tugging was gonna free him. He knew this was going to need to be cut.

“You know this could all have been avoided if you just stayed away from her, guess you can’t love her that much,” Matt smirked setting himself down on the floor in front of Harry.

Harry laughed sarcastically and shook his head, “Coming from YOU! You can’t love her at all if you’re willing to put her through this!”

“I’m doing this for her!” Matt argued.

Harry stared at him and shook his head, “You really don’t have a clue do you? This is just WRONG Matt! She’s not gonna love you – she’s not even gonna like you after this, she’s gonna know that you’re just completely gone in the head!” Harry spat.

Matt lunged forward and showed Harry the blade of his knife, “Then if she thinks like that after I’ve gutted you with this knife I’ll do the same to her.” He moved away from Harry, a smile on his face.


 “You DARE and I swear to god I’ll rip your fucking head off!!!” Harry shouted as the huge steel door separated him from Matt. “Wanker,” Harry cried allowing his eyes to dart about the room, till finally he noticed – Matt had left the light on.





The room had remained barren for well over ten years now; a thick dust had coated the floor and walls, three huge industrial strip lights ran parallel on the ceiling, the steel door barricaded him from the outside world and a pile of works rubbish sat gathering dust in the corner.

He shuffled over to the nearest wall and pushed himself up onto his aching feet, he stood with his back pressed against the wall trying to come up with a plan.

The way Matt was working meant Harry had probably ten minutes before he came back.
Moving as quickly as he could without hurting himself anymore, Harry moved across the room holding onto the wall for support. He clumsily staggered towards the pile of rubbish and fell to his knees.

Various flimsy pieces of wood, industrial strength tape, a thick blue rope, shards of broken glass, a few sheets of paper and a cement trowel.

Harry ’s eyes widened as he saw the pointed end, he didn’t want to kill Matt – well, he DID want to kill Matt but at the same time he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in jail.

His hands moved towards the trowel and he began sawing at the rope wrapped around his wrists; after a few minutes of continuously sawing the rope wore thin enough for Harry to snap.

He pulled himself onto his feet and made his way over to the door, he switched off the light and pressed his back against the cold wall.

He could hear Matt talking to Molly, but her soft voice couldn’t be heard through these walls.

He closed his eyes and let the pain wash over him for a few seconds, every inch of his body ached; he gripped the trowel tighter in his hands and waited.


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