Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


32. Chapter 32


Liam stared blankly at the musician in front of him; he pranced about on the stage in blue tights with a stupid false grin on his face. "I think... my ears are bleeding..." He mumbled to Louis.

"I don’t think I wanna be a musician anymore,"

"Not if it involves skin tight outfits and opera," Harry agreed tilting his head to the left and examining the man in front of him. "I’m quite scared,"

"Scared would be the operative word," Zayn mumbled.

"Shh!" Teagan frowned turning in her seat, "If you were actually listening you’d realise that the story he’s telling is actually... it’s actually really beautiful," She breathed biting down on her lip.

"Are you crying?" Louis asked amused. "Teags, he’s singing about his dead dog?"

"He was attached to that dog you tit face! The dog saved his cousins life and helped that blind woman! I swear... some people just don’t have an eye for musical talent!" She spat turning in her seat.

Victoria chuckled and turned to face the boys, "Hormonal," She whispered quietly.

"Haha, you know why Hormones are called Hormones?" Harry chuckled childishly.

"Err... no?"

"Cos it’s when a whore... moans..."

"... That’s so far from funny it almost loops round to being funny again..." Louis replied, "Does that mean you’re calling Teags a whore?" He added frowning.

"Dude chillax, it was a joke," Harry reasoned holding his hands up in defence.

"Well it was a bad one," Louis mumbled sitting back in his chair.

"Jesus, anyone’d think it’s you that’s pregnant, bender,"

"Isn’t bender off Futurama?" Zayn quizzed.

"WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP?!" Teagan snapped, the boys stared at her for a few seconds before sitting back in their seats.


"Sorry Teags," Liam mumbled.

"Yeah... sorry," Zayn pouted.

"Haha, you got told!" Molly giggled.

Teagan rolled her eyes and groaned.










“That was rubbish,” Teagan exclaimed as the group of students poured outside the symphony hall, “It was too camp,”

“You just said...” Louis began; Teagan glanced up at him and smiled. “Never mind,” He leant down and placed a soft kiss on her lips. “I love you,”

“I love YOU,” She responded cuddling closer to him.

Liam watched as nearly everyone coupled off, everyone but Stacey that was.

“So, when are you gonna let me take you for a meal then?” He asked with a cheeky glint in his eye.

“The 12th of never,” Stacey breathed, she shivered as the bitter winter chill froze her fingers stiff.

“That’s a valid answer...” Liam mumbled glumly. “However, I don’t think you’re being fair here. You don’t even know me and you’re branding me someone you wouldn’t date? Come on... what have you got to lose?”

“My dignity?” Stacey concluded.

Liam stared at her for a few seconds before shaking his head, “Would it kill you to be nice?” He breathed sadly. “That’s fine beautiful, but just know that Liam Payne never asks twice,”

“You’ve asked me dozens of times you cocky bastard,”

“You know, I thought you were a nice girl, till you opened your mouth!” Liam insulted her; she narrowed her eyes in frustration. “Now I see you’re seriously deluded,”

“I HATE you!” She snapped.

“GOOD!” Liam shrieked, shoving his hands in his pockets and turning away.

A few seconds passed and then, “So... where are you taking me?” Stacey breathed stepping closer to him.

“What?” Liam raised his eyebrows in confusion. “Did that make some sense that I’m not in on? We argue and now you want me?”

Stacey smiled slightly and nodded, “Look... we can either go on a date or we can stand around waiting for the mini bus, I’m cool either way,”

Liam thought for a second before looking over to the herd of students, “How do you fancy pizza?”

“Sounds good to me,” Stacey grinned.








"I’m cold," Molly pouted sadly, "How long till the coach gets here?" She asked as Harry took off his coat and draped it over her shoulder.

"Any minute now," He breathed.

"Aren’t you gonna be cold?"

"I’m thick skinned me," Harry grinned placing a gentle kiss on the tip of her nose.

"You’re thick full stop," Zayn teased, he stood behind Victoria with his arms locked tightly around her waist.

"Did you hear that beautiful? Zayn tried to make a joke, how cute," Harry winked; Molly chuckled and nodded as a large black and silver coach pulled up in front of the hall. "All aboard," He called out loudly.

"You’re such a tool Harry," Louis chuckled; he stood to the side and let Teagan in the coach before him.

"You tired baby?" Zayn asked pushing a few stray strands of hair from Victoria’s face; she nodded and leant her head on his shoulder. "Louis, how long did it take on the way there?"

"Were you not paying attention at all?"

"Yes Louis, that’s why I asked you – I like hearing things I already know, it’s exciting," Zayn replied.

"At this point you’re abusing sarcasm," Louis mumbled looking down at his watch. "We should be home in about half an hour," He explained before turning his attention back to Teagan.

Zayn chuckled and looked back down at Victoria, "Do you want me to wake you when we’re back?" He offered.

"Hmm," She mumbled as she got herself in a more comfortable position in his arms, she felt so right his arms. Like nothing could hurt her – she felt safe.

Zayn stared out of the window and out at the country lanes as the coach struggled to fit down tiny little rocky roads.

"What the hell is he playing at?! Can’t he see we’re coming this way?!" Dean cursed standing up in his seat and peering out of the front window. "Jesus, what the hell is wrong with him?"

Zayn looked towards the two bright headlights shining through the windscreen of the coach. "Dean... hey!" Zayn tried to keep his voice as low as possible so he didn’t wake Victoria. "Dean!" He spoke louder this time.

Dean’s gaze remained locked on the vehicle outside, Jess looked towards Zayn and shrugged. "Some maniac in a lorry’s blocking up the road,"

Zayn rolled his eyes and looked down at Victoria, ‘I hope you’re comfy enough, looks like we’ll be here a long time’.

The lorry spontaneously jolted forward.

The coach fell onto its side.

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