Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


3. Chapter 3


”Don’t worry if you can’t complete it by the end of the lesson, I’m looking for quality…” Renée Knock was a wacky woman, she definitely fit the stereotype of an art tutor, her hair was swooped into a low ponytail with the occasional wiry white hair stuck out on top by her roots. She wore an over sized brightly coloured, patterned t-shirt with patchy faded jeans and very unflattering navy blue sandals, she was the single most peculiar person alive, but she was, what Molly liked to call ‘a living legend’.

Molly sat in front of the blank easel and stared at the photo of a semi-nude woman wrapped in a silk sheet hanging on the corner, “You think they’d let us draw half naked men instead.” Molly breathed rolling her eyes.

”Hmm, that’d be my kind of lesson,” Victoria winked drawing the shape of the woman’s body free hand. “How are you feeling today by the way?”

”I’m okay I suppose, a bit tired but nothing a nap in English next can’t cure.”

”What are you looking at?! You got something to say?!” Victoria demanded looking towards Matt who sat purposely directly in front of Molly.

”I saw his pathetic attempt at upsetting Moll,” Zayn laughed, he turned in his seat and pointed his paint brush in Victoria’s general direction. “How much of this do you think I can fit up his ass before he cries?” Matt silently turned his attention back to his work ignoring Zayn’s threat. Molly looked across as Zayn and stifled her laughter. “So… Kinver are having a party on Saturday, should be fun, the music, the girls…” He added.

”Hey!” Victoria glared.

”The girls… that I WON’T even notice because I have a girlfriend,” He added, Victoria smiled and nodded letting him continue. “The erm… NONE alcoholic beverages,” He breathed looking towards Renée who looked too engrossed in a chip in her coffee mug to even acknowledge the students. “What do you say ladies?”

”I dunno… Kinver parties are too ‘carry-on-into-the-early-hours-of-the-morning’ for me.” Molly breathed.

”Come on Moll, if you don’t go… I won’t go, you don’t wanna be held responsible for ruining my night too, do you?” Victoria pouted; Molly stared at her for a few seconds and rolled her eyes.

”Damn the guilt trip Vick, fine, I’ll go! But I’m leaving before 12!” She announced.





Molly made her way down the corridor towards her dorm room; she pushed past a few fresher’s looking completely lost and remembered how daunting it was for her last year.


As she turned the corner she groaned and looked down at her feet, Matt stood with his back against her door, his face was expressionless and she hated that.

”Excuse me.” Molly breathed quietly.

”What? Do you wanna go in here?” Matt asked in his deep gravelly voice, he pointed at the door then shook his head firmly. “Not till we’ve had a little chat.”

”I don’t wanna talk to you Matt, just move out of my way…” She frowned.

”Molly, Molly, Molly… you must think A LOT of yourself if you think I still like you!” He breathed; he let out a slight laugh and moved closer to her. “You’re a disgusting little whore; I wouldn’t touch you if you begged me to!” He breathed in a voice that made her skin crawl.

”Then leave me alone, you’re just embarrassing yourself coming around here! You do know everyone’s laughing at you, don’t you?!” She spat.

For a second Matt was unsure of how to react, he grabbed her wrist tightly and pushed her against the wall, she winced as pressed his body against hers. “You think that you’re so special.”

”Matt stop it.” She cried quietly.

”Stop it?! This is just what you deserve you little…” A hand clamped down on Matt’s shoulder and pulled him off Molly, she didn’t recognise the guy who had pulled him off but watched as Matt fell into the wall opposite, he looked almost afraid.

“Are you okay?” He sounded concerned, Molly shook her head and wiped at her eyes. The boy grew closer to her and examined her wrist, his grip on her arm left a red mark and she had no doubt that it would bruise. “Does this make you feel big, little boy?!” He demanded pulling Matt up and to his eye level. “You’re not worth it.” He spat pushing him backwards, Matt scurried off down the hall and away from Molly’s saviour.

Molly let out a loud tearless sob and put her head in her hands; the boy stepped forward and gently placed his hand on her forearm. “I don’t… thank you… thank you.”

”Shh, it’s fine, just as long as you’re okay, is this your stop?” He asked pointing at the dorm room door.

She looked at it and shook her head, “I’ve changed my mind, I wanna find my friend…”

”I’ll walk you… then pummel him if I see him again, are you SURE you’re okay?” He breathed.
Molly nodded and smiled slightly, “Thank you.”








“And then he walked me to the cafeteria, god… did I mention his eyes?!” Molly gushed, Victoria chuckled and nodded.

”A few times, what was his name? Maybe he’s in one of my classes.”

”Oh… well errm, I didn’t catch it, but god his smile… and the way he pushed Matt…” Molly smiled; she hadn’t smiled like that in a long time. Well ‘Hero-Boy’ (as they’d now christened him) had definitely made an instant impact. “Maybe I could loiter the halls till I run into him again?”

”Or… less freaky-stalker-girl, you could hope to run into him at Kinver’s party!” Victoria suggested.

”Yeah, but what are the chances he’ll go?”

Victoria shrugged cluelessly and as if the thought had just hit her she grinned, “Fresher’s fair.”

”We’re not freshmen?” Molly replied confused.

”We can still go! There’s no rule to say that we can’t.” Victoria smiled; she set her dinner plate down on the table and smiled.

”I suppose… god he was gorgeous Vick,” Molly breathed; she sat opposite her friend and placed her head in her hands. “Are you staying at Zayn’s tonight?”

”Nope, I’ve got the night off.” Victoria replied.

”You make it sound like its work visiting him.” Molly laughed.

Victoria’s look was serious though, she looked down at her plate of chips and nodded slowly, “I don’t think we’ll be together this time next month.” She mumbled quietly.

”What?! Why?!” Molly demanded, she moved closer to her friend and sighed. “You can’t split up! You’re a perfect fit!”

“We never do anything Moll, we never go anywhere. It’s too predictable… too… boring… I’m bored, I love him to death. I really do, but I can’t just sit in every night watching shitty horror films on a shitty portable TV,” She ranted. “And I’m sorry but I don’t class going to his friends to play on the X Box as a night out…”

”Oh, this is sad… I feel like I need to listen to ballads and eat Ben & Jerry’s till I vomit,” Molly pouted. “Are you sure this is what you want?” She checked.

Victoria shook her head slowly and sadly, “I don’t want it at all… but we’re stuck in a rut, I can’t live like this.”


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