Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


29. Chapter 29


“Hey,” Victoria grinned emerging from the bathroom, she had her hair wrapped in a fluffy white bath towel and wore bright pink ‘Tickled Pink’ pyjama’s.

”Hi beautiful, you look happy,” Molly noted as she sat down on her bed, she pulled off her coat followed by her hooded jacket followed by her cardigan. She shivered as she looked out at the cold winter weather. “Spoke to Zayn tonight?”

”Might have…” Victoria breathed; she rubbed her hair with the towel before dropping it down in the laundry bag. “Aren’t you out with Harry tonight?”

”Nope, he’s gone to stay at Louis’s, he wanted me to go with him but I thought we could have a night in and watch films or something?” Molly suggested, she tugged at the bobble in her hair and yawned. “You’re thinking about Zayn aren’t you?”

”Well you know, he’s all alone and you know… sexy! Alone and sexy people shouldn’t be left alone,”

”Are you going over?”

”No, I was thinking of inviting him over… we can force him to watch A Walk To Remember or something equally as girly,” Victoria smiled as she ran a brush through her hair. “I just think two girls shouldn’t be left alone while Matt’s still on the warpath,”

”That the only reason?” Molly asked wiggling her eyebrows.

”Yes, what other reason would there be?” Victoria winked reaching for her mobile phone.

”His arse?” Molly suggested.

“He does have a very nice arse though Moll,” Victoria reasoned dialling his number. “Plus he’s got- Oh, hi Zayn!” She blushed moving into the bathroom with her phone. “You doing much?... You can come over if you like? Me and Molly are gonna watch a couple of films and we’re worried about Matt and stuff… okay that’s cool, so I’ll see you in a bit then?... Mhm… Okay then, byeee,” She smiled hanging up.

”Oh Zayn, I love you Zayn! Hold me and never let me go Zayn!” Molly teased pressing her back against the door frame.

”Shut up,” Victoria chuckled pushing past her friend. “I need to put something more… uncomfortable on,”

”There’s nothing wrong with what you’re wearing?”

”I know, but it doesn’t exactly scream ‘take me, I’m all yours!’ does it?” Victoria mumbled hunting through her wardrobe.

”It’s just Zayn? He’d want you if you were wearing nothing! Actually… wait… let me rephrase that… if you were wearing… a shell suit?”

Victoria chuckled and shrugged, “Doesn’t hurt to make an effort,”






Tears clouded Stacey’s vision as she stared up at the clock above her bed; it was 8:15pm. In just over 3 hours Teagan would be boarding her flight to Melbourne. She’d be on her way to get rid of her unborn child. Louis’s unborn child that he didn’t even know existed.

Would this mean she was aiding the Abortion? Knowing about it and doing nothing to stop it? Louis could want this baby. And what if this was the only chance they’d get to have a child of their own? What if the baby grew up to be something amazing? Like a founder of the cure for cancer? What if the Abortion was unsafe and it damaged or even killed Teagan?

Stacey couldn’t live with knowing that she could have stopped this and did nothing about it.

Impulsively she grabbed her jacket and ran out of her dorm room, she slammed the door shut and didn’t even bother to check if it was locked.

She panted as she made her was down sets of stairs, round sharp corners and through heavy duty doors till she found herself in front of Louis’s dorm. She hammered on the door impatiently.

”Ooo, hello, I’m Liam,” The person before her smiled warmly.

”Yeah nice, is Louis around?!” Stacey breathed impatiently.

”Who is i… oh, hi Stace,” Louis mumbled glumly.

”Louis, you could still make it to the Airport, she doesn’t board the plane till half 11!” Stacey leant her back against the door frame and looked at Louis.

”No, I can’t, she’d resent me if I kept her from this,”

”Listen to me boy, do I look like I ran over here cos I like exercise?! You need to go to the Airport now!” Stacey frowned pushing her index finger into Louis’s chest.

”I appreciate that she’s you’re friend and you’ll miss her, I know how you feel! I’ll miss her too but she wants this,”

”God how dim can one person be,” Stacey muttered under her breath as Louis continued going on about if you love something you should let it be free or something or the other. “What if I told you she was carrying your child?”

Louis stared at Stacey dumb struck, “What?”

”You heard, she’s pregnant with YOUR baby and she’s going to Melbourne to get an Abortion because she thinks it’s for the best and though I tried to explain on an epic scale it’s not she won’t listen to me. Believe me I know firsthand that Abortions are far from the most enjoyable experience going and I KNOW she’ll live to regret it. So… Airport?!” Stacey concluded.






Zayn fiddled with dozens of wires behind the TV till finally the sound of laughter and Jimmy Carr’s voice filled the screen. “It’s alive!” He rejoiced pulling away.

”Have you noticed that Jimmy Carr sounds like Jamaica in a Jamaican accent?” Jimmy observed.

”Jimmy Carr,” Zayn repeated, he laughed loudly and nodded. “Oh yeah!”

”Simple things please simple minds,” Victoria breathed looking over at Molly, who looked equally amused.

”I mean… err… yeah, simple things,” Molly cleared her throat sitting forward; she looked down at her wrist watch and mumbled something to herself. “Anyone fancy anything from the shop?”


”Snickers Vick?” Molly guessed.

Victoria blushed and nodded before smiling sweetly, “OH! And Vimto please!” Molly nodded. “OH! And some Doritos,”

”Anything else?” Molly chuckled pushing her purse into her handbag.

”Err… Snickers, Vimto, Doritos… no I think that’s it rea- BEN AND JERRY’S!” Victoria concluded. “And that’s it, now go before I change my mind!” She added pulling the duvet up over her head.

Molly chuckled and nodded before leaving.

”Can we share your munchables?” Zayn quizzed setting himself down on the end of Victoria’s bed.

She laughed loudly and stared at him, “Oh, you were being serious?” Zayn nodded amused. “You should know me by now Zayn , if it’s edible I don’t share,”

”That’s nasty! And after all I’ve done for you,” She stared at him blankly. “I set up your DVD player!” He pointed at the TV.

”Oh… well maybe I’ll let you have a Dorito… SINGLE Dorito,” She smiled making her way across the room and over to the TV. “Can you set the Wii up later too? You have no idea how bored I get when Moll stays at yours and Harry’s and I’m on my own, plus I’m an idiot and I don’t understand the complexities of setting up a Wii,”

”That’s cos you’re simple,” He teased, Victoria stared at him with her mouth open. “You’ll catch flies like that,” He breathed stepping closer to her.

”I’m too simple to catch flies,” Victoria muttered.

”Can I kiss you?” He asked softly, she stared up at him and bit down on her bottom lip.

”I err… suppose,”

His lips curled up into an attractive smile as he slowly leant towards her about to kiss her, just as they were about to kiss the door flew open and Louis rushed in.

”Dude I need your navigational skills,” He breathed with Stacey, Harry and Liam following him close behind.

”I’m err… kind of in the middle of something,” Zayn cleared his throat annoyed.

Louis looked from Zayn to Victoria then back again, “Yeah I see that but Teagan’s pregnant and leaving for Melbourne and Harry and Liam are shit at giving directions and Stacey moved from the West Midlands so she’s not got a clue, please man,”

”But…” Zayn began; he looked down at Victoria who had by this time stepped away. “God, I hate you at times Louis,” He groaned grabbing his hoody. “I’ll be back, okay?” Zayn breathed turning his back to the group of four standing by the door.

”Yeah, take your time! Tell Teagan she’s sexy, okay? From me!” Victoria breathed.

Zayn looked confused and nodded. “Yeah okay, I will,” He mumbled turning away.

”OH and Zayn ,” Victoria breathed as Louis, Harry, Stacey and Harry started down the corridor.

”Yea-“ She silenced him with a soft kiss, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in close to him savouring the few seconds of kissing before Louis interrupted them… again.

”ZAYN!” Louis’s voice called out. Right on cue.

”Fucking hell, I’m gonna deliberately guide him to Glasgow or somewhere way off like that,”

”Go!” Victoria urged pulling away, “I’ll still be here when you get back,”

”You better be,”

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