Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


28. Chapter 28


“I’m gonna guess Molly’s staying at mine tonight,” Zayn yawned glancing over at the clock, ‘2.14am’. “I should maybe get going, let you get some sleep… will you be okay alone?”

”Yeah I’ll be fine, I’ll just barricade the windows and door and arm myself with a stiletto heel,” Victoria joked as they made their way towards the dorm room door.

”Seriously… will you be okay?” He breathed.

Victoria nodded slowly and pushed her hair behind her ear, “Yeah, I’ll be fine – thanks,”

”What for?”

”For just being here, I appreciate it,”

”I’ll always be here for you Vicky,” He stated stepping closer to her, he let his fingers brush against her forearm and sighed. “You know that,”

”What happens when you get a new girlfriend? I doubt she’d love the idea of you coming to my rescue all the time,”

“I don’t want a new girlfriend,” Zayn announced.

Victoria nodded slowly, “Eventually you will,”

”Eventually you’ll get a new boyfriend,”

”No thanks, I think I’m gonna be a lesbian or a radical feminist… or both. I mean… I know me and Saz have had our differences but she is pretty and I do like her voice,”

”Vick…” Zayn warned, she chuckled and shook her head. “It’s not funny,”


A silence fell between them, not awkward but not particularly comfortable either.

”So I should go…” Zayn mumbled scratching the back of his neck and glancing up at Victoria.

”Yet your legs refuse to move,” She smiled humoured.

”I’ve enjoyed tonight,”

”Yeah, me too… minus the getting chased,” Victoria added bluntly. “That wasn’t fun.” A beat, then; “It’s 20 past 2 Zayn, are you gonna stay?”

”Do you want me to stay?”

”Do you want to stay?”

”I want to stay if you want me to stay!”

”I want you to stay if you want me to want you to stay!”

”I want you,” Zayn concluded abruptly.

Lunge at him, lunge at him and kiss him.’ Victoria thought as they stared at one and other. “You can stay in Molly’s bed, I’m sure she won’t mind,” She breathed clearing her throat loudly and made her way into the bathroom.









“I can’t believe you’re just gonna go… we’re only two months into the semester Teags! You’re just gonna go and throw that all away? And what about poor Louis?! He’s gonna be broken! The boy dotes on you,” Stacey lectured her friend.

”I have to go,” Teagan mumbled.

”No you don’t have to! You have a choice! You could stay, you just don’t want to!”

”I DO WANT TO!” Teagan cried, she pivoted on the spot and turned to face Stacey. “I can’t stay here! You haven’t got the first idea about why I’m leaving so don’t you dare make it sound like I’m selfish! I love Louis SO much and I wish things could be different but they’re not,”

”Why are you going?!” Stacey frowned. “What’s so important?!”

”I’m pregnant!” Teagan breathed, “There’s a clinic in Melbourne, a friend of the family… I just won’t be able to face Louis after… you know. I won’t be able to face ANYTHING! I can stay at home with my Mom, she’s got four of her own companies so money isn’t an issue, I won’t have to work and I can pay off University. I can get over this in my own time and then I can come back, I might not even be gone a year!”

”Does Louis know?” Stacey asked softly, she watched as Teagan loaded the purple suitcase with various items of clothing. “Teagan, does he know?!” She repeated.

”No, he doesn’t know. But I know he won’t want this!”

”How do you know that?! You could be making one hell of a big mistake!”

Teagan stopped what she was doing and set herself down on her bed, “I’ll hurt him a lot more if he finds out that this was my fault,”

”It takes two… to you know… have hardcore sex,” Stacey reasoned.

”I missed my pill,” Teagan sighed. “Plus I joked about wanting to get pregnant; he’ll think I did it on purpose, god I’m so stupid,”

”You’re not stupid… but I seriously think you should tell him, when’s your flight?”

”Tomorrow just after midnight,” Teagan explained, “You can’t tell him Stace!”

Stacey sighed heavily and nodded, “I’m gonna miss you Teags, god knows what lunatic they’ll throw in here with me when you’re gone!”

”I promise I’ll stay in touch, I’ll e-mail and let you know what’s going on and you can fly out!”

”On a 23 hour flight? Oh poor naive Teagan, you’ve got more chance of Hugh Heffner coming out of the closet,” Stacey laughed light heartedly. “Keep safe, okay? If the clinic’s dodgy… don’t risk your own life trying to end another!”

Teagan stared at her for a few seconds before nodding slowly, she hadn’t thought about the baby as a life until now.










“Molly,” Harry whispered, he never understood why you whispered to wake someone, surely it would make more sense to shout at them? But he didn’t wanna startle her, truth be told he didn’t even want to wake her; she looked so peaceful when she was sleeping. Just perfect. “Baby, you’ve got Art,” He added nudging her gently.

”Hmm, can’t we stay in bed instead?” She mumbled cuddling closer into his chest.

”Don’t you want a degree?” He breathed.

”Alright, sorry Mom, let me just have five more minutes,” She yawned.

Harry laughed and kissed the top of her head, “You’ve already missed 3 Art lessons Moll and as much as I’d love to stay in bed with you all day, I also don’t want you getting kicked out of Uni,”

"Sing to me?” Molly breathed.

”What do you want me to sing?”


”Look at me I’m Harry, lousy with virginity, won’t go to bed till I’m legally wed I can’t I’m Harry!” Harry sang brightly.

Molly laughed and sat up in bed, she ran her fingers through her hair and shook her head, “Moment killed,”

”Do you love me? (Do you love me?) Do you love me? (Do you love me?) Do you love me? (Do you love me?) Now that I can dance,” He sang running his hands over her stomach and placing a gentle kiss on the nape of her neck.

”Harry get off, I’ve got Art, remember?” She teased holding the duvet over her chest as she reached out for her bra.

”I wanna tell you something…” Harry  mumbled on a more serious note, he slung his legs over the side of the bed and sat next to her. He gently placed his hand on her knee and sighed. “It’s pretty big and it’ll probably scare the crap out of you…”

”There’s a lovely thought,” Molly breathed as Harry helped her with her bra clasp at the back. “What’s wrong?”

Harry bit down on his bottom lip and entwined her fingers in between his. “I’m in love with you Molly, I have all these feelings that I like but I’m scared of… I just… I love you,”

”You… love me?” Molly breathed quietly, Harry nodded slowly. “That’s so… sweet,” She knew it must have been hard for him to let himself love again, that made it all that more special. “I love you too,” She smiled.

He grinned and closed the space between them; he placed a passion fuelled kiss on her lips and ran his fingers through her hair.

The door opened and the sound of Zayn faking a gagging noise came from the other end of the room.

”And where have you been all night?” Harry nagged pulling away from Molly but keeping his gaze locked on her.

”With Victoria,” Zayn smiled.

”What?” Both Molly and Harry demanded in unison.

”Not like that you perverts, we just sat talking till it got light again,” He explained throwing his hoody down on his bed and pulling off his t-shirt. “It was just like before, minus the nudity and sha-“

”Don’t finish that sentence she’d my cousin and I really don’t wanna know,” Harry groaned hiding his head under the duvet.

”Granted I only got about half an hour sleep but still… it was worth it,” He smiled biting down on his bottom lip.

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