Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


26. Chapter 26

“I hate Monday’s,” Victoria groaned dragging herself from the warmth of her bed; Molly nodded in agreement as she groggily ran a brush through the length of her blonde hair. “Plus… music? I have about as much musical talent as a lemon!”

”Lemons err… can be musical?” Molly stated quietly, “Plus you play piano! And that other thing… what’s it called…”

”The triangle?” Victoria breathed; she pulled a pair of jeans from her chest of drawers and grabbed the closest cleanest t-shirt her hand fell on. “But I suppose I do rock on piano…”

”Can you rock the piano?”

Victoria thought for a second and shook her head, “Not really… ergh, it’s getting harder to be around Zayn too,”

”Why?” Molly pouted sadly, feeling immensely guilty for literally begging Victoria to join music with her.

”Cos I think I wanna get back with him…”

”That’s great!” Molly grinned.

”No, it’s not! Cos I don’t wanna be stuck in the same rut as we were last time, if I get back with him there’d have to be some SERIOUS changes!” Victoria explained looking down at her pink fluffy bed socks, “I just miss him,”

”I know, I can tell… you should tell him!” Molly smiled slightly and grabbed her toiletries bag from her bottom draw. “OH! PLAN! I’ll go over to his tonight and stay with Harry, I’ll ask Zayn ‘politely’ to leave and tell him that you’re still scared that Matt’ll be a dick! THEN he’ll come over and THEN you can like… you know… ravish him into the early hours of the morning,” Molly suggested raising her eyebrows slightly.

Victoria chuckled and nodded, “Hmm, good times,” She breathed disappearing into the bathroom, moments later she reappeared wearing the jeans and her ‘Love Rocks’ t-shirt. “But on a serious and less sexy note, I think I might just talk to him...”

”Or you could ravish him into the ea-“

”Moll…” Victoria chuckled grabbing her make-up bag, “There won’t be any ravishing of any kind tonight,”

”Well… maybe not between you and Zayn,” Molly winked.

Victoria thought for a second and shuddered, “Ew,”






“Living fast, dying young… but I'm living with what you've done. Now I face accusations, I won't run… no. I'm starting to remember things that you said; I'm unravelling what they meant. But the world moves on, you're just another one.

And how can I go on cos when I'm in the sun I see your shadow on the ground. But you're never there when I turn around…

Every time I fall asleep my dreams are haunted and every time I close my eyes I'm not alone! And every time I cry I'm right back where you wanted… I try to drown you out so down goes another one,” Harry sang powerfully, it was the first time Molly had heard her boyfriend sing and dear god… his voice was out of this world.

She listened intently to the lyrics; they were about Cassie she was sure.

A minute more of song and Harry stepped down of the stage, “Louis! The guitar solo sounded a bit rough, we’ll work on that next practise, okay?”

”Me too!” Louis mumbled walking off in the general direction of Teagan.

”No one ever listens to me,” Harry pouted placing his hands on Molly’s hips; he smiled and leant in to kiss her.

”That’s because you’re boring,” Liam quipped teasingly, he flung his back pack on the table beside Molly and smiled.

”Sorry, I couldn’t hear you due to extreme lack of interest,” Harry breathed.

”I loved the song,”

”Thanks!” Harry grinned, “I got a bit worried when I saw you walking in actually, like… ‘ARGH! What if she thinks I’m crap!’,” He chuckled.

”You have an amazing voice,” She breathed.

”LIVE PORN!” Zayn announced walking over as Molly and Harry kissed again.

”This is as close as you’ll get to getting laid in a long time Zayn; savour it,” Harry breathed.

Zayn cleared his throat loudly and ran his fingers through his hair, “So yeah… that went well, guitar bit was a bit… shit…”

”Exactly! It sounded too… messy… too… I dunno…” Harry added.

Shit?” Zayn repeated.

”Yeah, I’ll speak to Louis about it after he’s finished trying to lick Teagan’s tonsils,” Harry pointed towards the couple at the back, “Cute, isn’t it?” He chuckled. “What’s Vicky doing on her own?”

”Swimming with sharks, what does it look like she’s doing?” Liam replied sarcastically as he looked over at the redhead sitting at the piano. “Why don’t you go and offer her help Zayn ?” Liam raised his eyebrows suggestively. “You know what I’m saying?”

”Could you be more of a sleaze Liam?” Zayn quizzed rolling his eyes, “I’m giving her the space she needs, I’m not gonna suffocate her with this… not if she’s not ready,”

”To… be suffocated?” Harry replied confused, “Zayn, go and suffocate my cousin!”

Zayn looked over at Victoria and bit down on his bottom lip, well… at least she wasn’t ignoring him anymore.


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