Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


24. Chapter 24


Victoria sighed nostalgically as she ran her index finger down one of her favourite photos. She and Zayn were standing on Tenby north beach in Wales, predictably Zayn had fashioned a silly facial expression while Victoria had opted for the ‘try-and-cover-most-your-face-with-your-hair’ pose. His right arm lazily draped across her shoulders and his left hand placed gently on her stomach, they both looked so happy.

There wasn’t anything overly special about this photo, as photo’s go this was pretty mundane. But it was sentimental to say this least.

It was the first time Zayn had told her he loved her; she closed her eyes as she remembered.

”LOOK! A shark!” Zayn bounded towards the edge of the water.

”We’re in Wales Zayn ; I can promise you it’s not a shark!” Victoria chuckled jogging over; she stood next to him and followed his gaze towards a huge dark area in the water. “That’s just seaweed,”

”Yeah well… you know… a shark could be hiding in the seaweed,” He mumbled almost incoherently.

”In Wales,” She reminded him.

”Alright smart arse, no need to be sarcastic,” He breathed placing his hands on the bottom of her back and pulling her in close. “Today’s been fun,” He smiled placed a gentle kiss on her nose.

”Mhm,” She mumbled, she cuddled in close to his chest and breathed in his familiar scent.

“Vicky…” His voice was timid and quiet.

”Yeah,” She breathed looking up into his bright eyes the wind gently teasing his fringe. He looked serious, which was rare for Zayn. “What’s wrong?”

”Nothing’s wrong,” He smiled, he bit down on his bottom lip and examined her face. “I… love you,”

She stared at him for a few seconds waiting to for the pun line, but it never came. The hesitant look on his face was slowly progressing into a worried glance. “You do?” She breathed.

“I do,”

She smiled slightly and leant up pressing her lips against his, after a few seconds she pulled away and stared up at him again. “I love you too,”

”OI! YOU PAIR! GET A ROOM!” Harry yelled staggering across the beach, he held a small disposable camera in his right hand and Cassie’s hand in his left. “SMILE!” He grinned.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Victoria placed the photo back in her memories box. She bit down on her bottom lip and remembered Zayn’s offer, ‘If you ever change your mind…





Niall smiled cheekily and placed a gentle lingering kiss on Emma’s lips; she chuckled and pushed him off. 

”Niall, Jess’s asleep,” She breathed.

”And? We’ll be quiet,” He promised. Emma raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms over her chest, Niall knew that meant he wasn’t getting any and she meant it. “Alright fine!” He rolled his eyes, “Have I told you lately how much I hate Jess?”

”You don’t hate Jess,” Emma chuckled glancing over at the single bed by the bathroom.

”Course I don’t, I just wish she’d… evaporate for a few hours,”

”Oh yeah, cos people CAN evaporate, can’t they Niall?” Emma teased.

Niall smiled slightly and leant across; he kissed her again and ran his fingers through the front of her soft blonde hair. “I love you,”

“I love YOU,” She replied.

”Night beautiful,” He smiled as she disappeared into the dorm room.

Tonight had gone shockingly well, he’d given her the eternity ring and she was over the moon. He started worrying when she asked about the blood dotted on his white shirt, but his nose bleed cover story ended that discussion.






“This is the drama Llama,” Miss Ward smiled looking almost patronising; she pointed towards a stuffed teddy bear on the table next to her and stifled her laughter. “He’s your muse for today!” She added briskly.

“A… stuffed Llama is my muse?” Zayn’s voice was quiet and confused; Miss Ward nodded firmly and held it at arm’s length. “I’m sorry but I want a degree in drama… I don’t wanna play with a teddy bear,”

”Don’t be so rude Zayn, this teddy bear is gonna get you your degree,” She explained handing him the cuddly toy with a now stern expression on her face.

Zayn stared down at it for a few seconds and shook his head, “Whatever you say,” He mumbled.

”Don’t think that I haven’t noticed a decline in your work,” She breathed.

”I’ve got a lot on right now…”

”Well you shouldn’t let it get in the way of your work, nothing is more important than getting your head down this year,”

“I’m inclined to disagree with you,” Zayn muttered glancing over at his ex girlfriend; she sat chuckling at something Molly had said. “Plus… I really don’t think a stuffed Llama is gonna help me focus,”

”Well do something Zayn or I’m going to have to fail you,” She explained before walking off.
Zayn sighed heavily and looked down at the Llama in his hands, ‘Random’ he thought before placing it on the chair next to him.

”What’s with the Camel?” Harry asked flinging his bag down on the chair on the other side of Zayn.

“It’s a Llama actually…”

“Oh that makes MUCH more sense,” Harry rolled his eyes and let his eyes wander across the drama hall; he spotted Molly and smiled slightly.

“Dude, you don’t even do drama, what are you doing here?”

”I do Drama!” Harry argued setting himself down on the chair and tossing the Llama in the air. “Since… about 5 past 8 last night but fact is I do drama now,”

”Because Molly does?” Zayn asked.

”… No… I think that drama is extremely interesting and I like… actors and stuff,” Harry breathed flicking his hair from his eyes. “Yeah okay fine, but I don’t see her all that much as it is so I’m taking drama and she’s taking music,”

”She’s taking music?” Zayn asked plainly. “As in… Molly will be in the same room as me for almost 10 hours a week,” Harry nodded smiling. “Dude, she hates me,”

”She doesn’t hate you!” Harry consoled his friend, “She just… strongly dislikes you right now, BUT if I’m there she won’t pay much attention to you and while I’m stealing Victoria’s best friend away, Vick’ll be alone… if you catch my drift,”

”… Victoria’s joining music too?!”

”Hell yeah!” Harry smiled.

”I could kiss you right now,” Zayn breathed quietly.

“Not in public sweetheart,” Harry winked playfully; he stood up and grabbed his bag and the Llama. “Come on, we’ll go join them,”









“We could do Romeo and Juliet?” Harry suggested.

“Way too overdone,” Victoria replied pointing over at another group at the far end of the room. “Exhibit one,” She then pointed towards another group. “Exhibit two,”

”Okay fine… Hamlet?”

“No Shakespeare, he was too… angsty! Too dramatic for my liking,”

”Well sparky,” Harry began, “This is drama!”

”Who you calling sparky numb nuts?! I’m ten times more intelligent than you!” Victoria frowned folding her arms over her chest.

“Alright then, what do you suggest we do?”

“How about… like a Friends style skit? Something comical, you eat like a pig and you’re a bit of a sleaze so you can be a Joey-esque character, Zayn’s quick witted so he can be like a Chandler! Molly’s lovable and comical so she can be sort of Rachel and I’m…”

“Weird? Like Phoebe?” Harry teased.

”… Shut up,” Victoria frowned. “Okay fine, it was a dumb idea,” She mumbled.

”What about Jude The Obscure?” Molly interjected breaking up the cousins before they started arguing properly.

“Isn’t that about two cousins falling in love?” Victoria asked quietly.

“Yeah... and to be honest, incest? Not that sexy,” Zayn replied, Victoria chuckled and nodded looking back towards Molly. “Sweeney Todd?” Zayn suggested. “But not this new all singing ridiculous Johnny Depp shit,”

“Watch what you’re saying about my future husband!” Victoria glared.

“Alright fine, I mean the old one! We could edit it so there’s stories involved and not just the pie shop thing… we can get Louis and Liam to make a brief appearance and what not…”

”Sweeney Todd is quite a good idea,” Victoria mumbled, she looked over at Harry. “That to your liking princess?” She mocked.

”That depends… do I get to bake you into a pie?”

”That’s so funny I forgot to laugh!” Victoria looked over at Zayn and shrugged. “If he bakes me in a pie, lace it with arsenic please,”

”I can do that,” He breathed smiling slightly.

“So… who get’s to play the Demon Barber?” Molly asked the key question.

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