Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


22. Chapter 22

"But I thought we were going to the carnival." Teagan pouted, Louis looked guiltily down at his feet and sighed heavily. 

"I'm sorry baby, I'll make it up to you - I promise." He breathed, Teagan nodded and placed a gentle kiss on his lips before pulling away. "Are you mad at me?" He asked. 

"Not really, I stole you from your friends three weeks in a row now...I suppose I have to let you see them too." She winked playfully. 

Louis chuckled and nodded before kissing her softly, "I'd invite you to come with but band practice can get rough, total carnage..." 

"Don't you do Shania Twain covers?"

Louis looked around him awkwardly as a senior chuckled, "That was once and it was Harry, NOT me, we err...yeah...bye." He stuttered kissing her softly. Teagan chuckled as he darted off down the corridor. "I'LL PHONE YOU LATER!" He shouted as he disappeated round the corner. 




"I'm not sure we should all go." Zayn decided, he twisted a small piece of paper in hands and averted his gaze from any of the boys. 

"He hurt Vicky, don't you even care?" Harry's voice was almost inaudable. 

"Of course I care!!" Zayn argued. 

"But you're just gonna let him get away with it?" 

"Guys, we really don't have time for this," Liam interrupted them, "If you're too scared Zayn it's fine you can just g-" 

"I'm not scared," Zayn scoffed at the idea, "If anything the only think I'm scared of is that when I start laying into him I'm not gonna wanna stop." 

"That's acceptable." Harry smiled menacingly. 

"We're not gonna rough him up you baboon," Louis rolled his eyes, "We're just gonna scare him off." 

"And if his face happens to collide with my fist and / or knee cap then so be it." Harry replied. 


"What part of hurting Molly, stalking Molly, drugging Mollly, hurting my cousin and ripping up my only picture of my dead ex girlfriend don't you get?" Harry demanded angrily. 

"It's sick that he hurt the girls Louis," Liam added in a softer tone of voice, "How would you feel if he roughed up Teagan?"

Louis didn't have to think, "It'd be the last thing he ever did." 

"Exactly." Liam smiled crookedly, "Plus he beat me in track last week." 

"Well that's reason enough to want to end him." Zayn replied rolling his eyes. 

"Guys, we should go." Harry stated looking down at his watch. 

"Four against one? I like these odds." Liam smirked. 







Matt pursed his lips in anger as the four boys started towards him, he was feeling tough but at the same time didn’t really fancy his chances against Liam Payne, said to be one of the toughest guys at Lakeside and his three cronies Zayn Mallik, Louis Tomlinson and Harry  Styles. He was sure he’d pissed all of them off at one time or another.

”I’ll fucking kill him-“ Harry seethed spotting the smug look on Matt’s face.

”Simmer down sausage,” Louis breathed.

Harry shot him a look, “What the hell are you on about?” He asked, Louis shrugged and blushed.

”Just something Teagan says to me,”

”… Yeah… okay,” Harry mumbled looking back towards Matt.

Matt got to his feet and stood trying to make himself look bigger than he actually was, “What?” He demanded.

“What? Where do I start?” Harry almost laughed. “First of all, you need to stop harassing Molly, she will NEVER want you! Plus she’s with me,”

”Yeah, you’re a brilliant boyfriend aren’t you Harry?”

Harry  let that one pass as he felt Louis’s hand clamp down on his shoulder, “You hurt her; you’re scaring her… you even drugged her and you STILL think you’re in with a chance?”

“And you hurt Victoria!” Zayn interjected.

Matt rolled his eyes and nodded, “So did you? I can bet I hurt her a lot less than you did mate,”

”I’m far from your fucking mate!” Zayn snapped.

”And my picture of Cassie, I want an apology,” Harry’s voice was sombre, though his three friends all knew that if Matt said the wrong thing Harry would switch within a second.

”Mate I did you a favour, lets face it… it was a god awful picture,”

Harry stared at him for a few seconds, “You think?”

”I know,” Matt breathed.

”Harry…” Liam mumbled as his friend started walking slowly towards Matt, though Matt talked big the second Harry grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and forced him into the wall behind he was cowering.

”Smack him one Harry,” Zayn urged, Louis nudged Zayn and moved towards Harry.

”He’s not worth it,” Louis breathed staring Matt down.

Matt cringed as Harry lifted his fist, “You’re nothing,” Harry spat loosing the wimp from his grasp. “It’s a good job I’m not here alone, because if I was… you see that wall?” Harry pointed to the wall at the far end of the room. Matt nodded. “I’d nail your nob to it. And you see this wall,” Harry pressed his finger against the wall Matt was standing against. “Here’s where you’d be… comprehend, mate?” Harry seethed emphasising the word ‘mate’ as he spoke.

Matt nodded slowly as Harry backed away. “Be good,” He added.

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