Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


21. Chapter 21

"I'm gonna presume that you're not here to see me." Victoria guessed, Harry looked slightly embarrassed and shook his head. "How did I know that?" She teased pulling open the door and letting him inside. "She's just gone to fetch me Ben and Jerry's." 

"Too lazy to go yourself?" 

"Haha, funny. No..." Victoria breathed rolling her eyes sarcastically; she sat herself down on her bed and shook her head slowly, "For your information I had a run in with Matt yesterday and now it hurts my back to walk. I haven't gone to any classes today either." 

"What did he do?" Harry demanded through gritted teeth. 

"It's a long fatally boring story Harry, one I'm sick of going over. Can't you just ask Zayn when you go home?" 

"I'm asking you." He replied bluntly. 

Victoria sighed heavily and nodded once, "He basically wanted to know who you were." 

"Who I am? Why?" Harry asked confused. 

Victoria bit down on her bottom lip and rolled her eyes, "He thinks he's 'in love' with Molly, he hates that you're together." 

"It's got shit all to do with him." Harry frowned. 

"Try telling him that." 

"I will, fucking lunatic, I'll have him for hurting you too." His eyes were narrowed in anger as he stood up and made a bee line for the door. 

"No, don't, just... I don't want any more trouble. I can't take any more trouble." She breathed miserably. 

"Okay, 1) you're my cousin and no one fucks with my family, 2) you're a girl, he's a complete dick for starting, 3) you're already hurt and 4) unless I book some knowledge into the complete arsehole he won't stop harassing Molly and he won't let us get on with it." Harry explained, he moved from Molly's bed and say down next to Victoria. "Plus he's got a very smackable face." He smiled trying - and failing - to lighten the mood. 

"But I know the second he finds out that I told you he'll do something, I just know he will." 

"Then we'll make sure you've got a constant bodyguard, in the form of a very remorseful bandy." Harry added quietly. 


"I mean Zayn." 

"I know who you meant numb nuts; it's just not gonna happen okay?" She concluded matter-of-factly.






"Vick they had no Phish Food so you're gonna have to settle with Cookie Dough, it's got weird little pieces of cookie dough in but it''s still Ice Cream and oh, hi." Molly smiled; she spotted Harry sitting casually on her bed. 

"Hey." He beamed before sliding off the bed and standing up. 

"Hi." Molly repeated. 

"You said that already." Harry chuckled, Molly turned momentarily to hand Victoria her Ice Cream. 

"Oh...err...I knew that," She mumbled, she heard Victoria speak but she wasn't really listening, something about eating the whole tub on her own maybe? She wasn't sure... "How was swimming?"

"Hmmm, wet. Drama?" 

"Dramatic." Molly quipped, Harry chuckled and nodded, even after he'd had the mother of all bad days, just seeing her smile calmed him. He bit down on his lip and pushed his hands into his pockets. 

"So...are we gonna stay and watch Vicky gorge herself on Ice Cream or-" 

"Hey!" Victoria frowned. 

"What? You are going to be gorging yourself?" 

Victoria stared at him for a few seconds before nodding. "Yeah that's fair." 

"As I was saying...we can watch Vicky gorge herself or we can go to the cinema?" 

"Hmm, cinema?" Molly suggested. 

"Okay." Harry grinned and moved from Molly's bed towards Victoria, "If I happen to see the tit that hurt you, I won't be held responsible for my actions." 

"Molly, keep him on a tight leash." Victoria rolled her eyes as he messed up her hair. 

"Hmm." Molly smiled; she knew full well if she or Harry saw Matt on the way, even if she wanted to stop him she couldn't. She really didn't care either. Whatever he was going to get, he deserved it. 






"You're quiet tonight." Molly observed as she and Harry made their way across the beach back towards the University campus. 

"Sorry, I just had a stressful day..." He mumbled. 

Molly glanced down at her feet, "Do you wanna talk about it?" 

He thought for a second about whether or not talking about his ex girlfriend was a good idea and shrugged, "It's not important." He lied. 

"If it's bothering you, is is important." Molly corrected him. 

Harry sighed and ran his fingers through his dishevelled hair, "Just some dick thinking he's funny in swimming, honestly, it's nothing major." 

"Harry..." Molly warned, she stopped in her tracks and stared at him. 

"Someone ripped my picture of Cassie in half, " He breathed quietly, "But the weird thing is, I kept it in my wallet, someone must have gone into my wallet and got it out - but that's mad, because I had almost £200 in there to buy a new amp and the money was untouched, it was like someone purposely went into my wallet to get the photo... how petty?" 

"That's sick! Who would do that?" 

"Pft, I dunno." Harry mumbled, he took her hand and started walking again, "I'm guessing someone that really doesn't like me... it's not a big deal..." 

"Who would be th-" Molly stopped as she thought of the one person she know who would be that sick. 

"What?" Harry asked softly. 

"Do you think that Matt could have done it?" 

Harry bit down on his bottom lip and flicked his hair from his eyes; he sighed heavily and felt utter resentment for Matt. 

Molly nodded, "I'm so sorry Harry." 

"What? This isn't your fault, not by a long shot." He almost laughed, he leant in close and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. "I really like you Molly, it's gonna take more than that nobhead to scare me off." He breathed looping his arms around her waist. 

"But... didn't you say that's the only photo that you had?" Molly mumbled delicately, she couldn't help but feel guilty. 

"Hmm, Liam's gonna try photoshop it, if he can't it's no big deal. I'm hardly going to forget her face. Plus, right now other things are more important." He smiled dropping a dozen kisses on the nape of her neck. 

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