Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


20. Chapter 20


"I don’t see what’s wrong with 8th place?" Liam stated optimistically, "It’s better than coming last!" He added flinging his arms around Harry’s shoulders.

Harry shrugged him off and sighed heavily as he reached his locker, "That’s the point Liam, I did come last... there were only 8 of us swimming,"

"Oh well... errm... yeah okay, you suck,"

"You think?" Harry asked sarcastically.

"Well to be fair, you did have a err... busy night last night," Liam winked nudging Harry playfully.

"What are you tal-? OH! You mean Molly?" A slight smiled crept onto his lips. "No, we didn’t do anything last night actually... but thank you for asking that wasn’t awkward at all!" He rolled his eyes sarcastically. "If you must know, we just sat up till late talking and then I walked her home about 10,"

Liam placed both hands on his chest and wiped at an imaginary tear, "That’s so sweet..." He breathed.

Harry blushed and chuckled, "Shut up you freak,"

"So... she your new girlfriend now or just a bit of pu-"

"If you even finish that word I’ll rip off your balls," Harry cringed; he pulled the damp towel from around his neck and dropped it to the floor before replacing it with a dry one. "She’s... I dunno... I guess you could call her my girl? But... I dunno, it’s complicated,"

"STYLES! Good game!" Niall, the captain of the swim team, clamped his huge hand down onto Harry’s shoulder, "Better luck next time though yeah?"

"Better luck? I’ll need a miracle next time," Harry rolled his eyes; Niall pulled his hand away and leant against Liam’s locker, much to Liam’s annoyance. But it wasn’t like Liam would actually say anything to him, Niall stood at a looming 6 foot 1, broad shoulders and huge arms. He’d be a fool if he opened his mouth to him.

"There’s some wicked swimmers on our team, plus it’s a Friday, I don’t expect you to be fully alert," He winked.

"Hmm, I’ll be more awake next Friday, I promise,"

"That’s all I ask," Niall breathed before standing up straight, he smiled at Liam before making his way back over to his ‘clique’.

"I wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of him!" Liam confessed.

"Who? Niall Horan? Pft, Liam... he’s like a puppy! Granted he could probably kill you if you REALLY pissed him off, but you’d have to REALLY piss him off... he’s harmless... really..." Harry explained a hint of amusement in his voice. "His brother would have..." His voice trailed off as something caught his eye.

"What’s wrong?" Liam asked, Harry’s face was pale, he looked almost sick.

"I... who did this? WHO THE FUCK DID THIS?!" Harry demanded, he tore the ripped picture of Cassie from the inside of the locker and held the two pieces in the air. "Who did it?!" His voice sounded hollow as his arms dropped to his sides, everyone in the locker room stood staring at him. He knew everyone... no one would be that sick as to rip the only picture he of her in half.

"Harry..." Liam breathed stepping forward, Harry staggered back. He grabbed his t-shirt from inside his locker, slammed it shut and left without saying anything word.







“You okay dude?” Liam breathed cautiously; he sat down next to a damp looking Harry and sighed sadly as he spotted the photo in his friend’s hands. Harry had tried in vain to sellotape it back together, desperate not to lose the one photo he had left of her.

”Who would do this? They… they know what losing her did to me… they… they’re supposed to be my friends,”

”All I can say is I’m sorry,” Liam breathed as Harry passed him the photo, “I’ll scan it onto my laptop and see if I can Photoshop it back to normal, Boots’ll print it off like a regular photo for less than a fiver… I’m sorry man,” Liam repeated.

Harry shrugged and rubbed his hands together, “You know what thought plagues me?” He mumbled.


”What if it’s a sign? Like… I know it sounds stupid and you’ll probably laugh at me. But what if this is because I’m finally happy? What if Cass… doesn’t want me to be happy? Like… I don’t deserve to be…”

Liam thought for a second, “You’re right,” He breathed. A few seconds passed, “That DOES sound stupid, Hazza… Cassie loved you and she’d want you to be happy! This is so far from a sign; this is some complete tit trying to be tough, don’t worry… I’ll find out who it is and give him a kicking in,”

”Hmm,” Harry mumbled, he stood up and pushed his hands into his pockets. “I don’t think I’m gonna go to band practise, my minds not all there today…”

”That’s fair enough; I don’t think Louis’s coming either. And Zayn’s not exactly feeling it. See! This is why I choose to stay single, we’re never gonna get past the garage stage because all of you are love sick in some form,”

”Sure… THAT’S why you stay single,” Harry rolled his eyes and flung his bag over his shoulder, “Got nothing to do with the fact that you’re a man slag,”

”I prefer the term ‘ladies man’,” Liam winked.

”Hmm, well Romeo as much as I’d love to stay and chat I said I’d meet Molly,” Harry explained, he glanced down at the photo in his friends hands and sighed. “I’ll err… catch you later,” He breathed backing away.

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