Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


19. Chapter 19



Victoria made her way down the corridor from Art, she climbed down a set of stairs and spotted the girls toilets just ahead, she thought about the black eye she had and wondered if the concealer she was wearing had wore off now? As she got less than 4 foot from the door someone pushed her hard, she turned to see Matt looming over her. He looked bigger than usually, his arms, his chest… he seemed taller too. Maybe it was because she felt smaller, more vulnerable.

He pushed her again this time into the toilet, “Matt, get the fuck off me now!” She demanded trying to push him out of her way. Her entire body ached already without him pushing her into the hard tiled wall.

”Who’s Harry ?”

”What?!” Victoria demanded narrowing her eyes, “Oh my god, get over it! She doesn’t like you Matt, she never has and she never will so just give up!” She urged again trying to push him away.

He grabbed her shoulders and slammed her back into the tiled wall again. She whimpered as a searing pain shot through her back.

”I’ll say it again, who’s Harry ?!”

”M… my cousin,” Victoria breathed, she was shaking now. She’d never been scared of him before, and after he spiked Molly’s drink with the intention of date rape and taking her more recent injuries into consideration… she was pretty much shit scared of him.

”Are they together?” He demanded.

”No… I don’t… I don’t think so, I’m not sure,” She mumbled, she still tried to free herself from his grip but he was strong…

”Well BE sure!” He snapped.

”I DON’T KNOW!” Victoria shouted frustrated that she had no control of the situation; she was hoping someone would hear… but no one came. “Please just… get off me,” She pleaded tearfully.

”You wanna pray that she’s not with your cousin Victoria, cos I swear to god… I’ll kill him,” He seethed finally loosing her shoulders, “It’s a shame I like blondes, you look pretty when you’re scared!”

”Fuck you,” She muttered as he left.

She waited a few minutes before leaving, the corridors weren’t quiet anymore, people from Art walked past her not one person paying attention to the fact she was shaking from head to toe.

”You alright?” Zayn asked spotting her; she stared at him for a few seconds before shaking her head. He walked closer and placed his hand on her forearm. “What’s wrong?”

”I… Zayn will you walk me back to the dorm?” She asked quietly.

He didn’t have to think; he nodded and placed his hand on her back. “Yeah course I will…”








Victoria seemed hesitant as they neared hers and Molly’s dorm room.

”What’s wrong?” He asked softly, she’d told him what happened on the way up to the dorm room; she told him not to go looking for Matt too, as satisfying as the thought of him kicking the shit out of him was… she didn’t want Zayn getting hurt in the process.

”Molly and Harry … they’re errm…”

”They’re at mine,” Zayn rolled his eyes and nodded his head towards the door, “He text me earlier warning me to not come back till 6ish,”

”Sounds promising,” Victoria breathed pulling out her keys and brushing past Zayn, “Do you err… wanna come in?”

”I have band practi…” He stopped to think for a few minutes, his priority was Victoria right now, “Yeah okay,” She winced as she stepped inside, her back was killing her; this really wasn’t her week. “I wish you’d report him,”

She dropped down on her bed and sighed heavily, “I’ve just been in a fight with Saz, no one saw anything… they wouldn’t believe me,” She mumbled.

“So you’re just gonna let him get away with it?”

”Zayn, if I report him and they can’t do anything… he’s just gonna be more pissed at me and I don’t even wanna think about what he’d do,” She sighed heavily and placed her head in her hands, he moved across the room and sat down next her on the bed, when she didn’t move away he took the opportunity to gently drape his arm around her shoulders. She sighed and leant her head on his shoulder. “I’m so sore right now,” She mumbled breathing in his familiar scent.

”Why don’t you try and get some sleep?” He mumbled quietly running his fingers up and down her arm.

”Hmm,” She mumbled, “Will you stay here… just till you know… Molly gets back?”

”Yeah, course I will,”

”Thanks, I just… really don’t wanna be alone right now… and…” She pulled the sleeves of her jumper down over her hands and looked up at him, “I feel safe with you,”

Zayn smiled admiringly and nodded.


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