Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


18. Chapter 18


“Have you finished hating me yet?” Molly asked softly, Victoria’s eyes were fixed on Zayn’s empty stool. He hadn’t turned up to Art, which was really unlike him… “Victoria?”

Finally, Victoria looked towards her friend and shrugged, “Sorry, what?”

”Never mind, what’s wrong?”

”Oh nothing… don’t worry about it,” Victoria mumbled, she dunked her paint brush in the black paint and bit down on her bottom lip.

”He’s probably just woke up late,” Molly breathed reading her friends mind, Victoria shrugged.

”Or maybe he’s avoiding me…” She breathed miserably, “Enough of that, I don’t care, what about you and my darling cousin? Was that just a casual scarring Victoria event or are you an item?” She quizzed.

Molly couldn’t help but smile, last night definitely didn’t feel like a casual call, “I don’t know, but I really like him,”

”Hmm, I’ll bet you do,” Victoria rolled her eyes, “Errm… I don’t know whether it’s my place to tell you this but… about a year ago Harry …”

”I know about Cassie,” Molly replied quietly.

”Oh… he told you?”

”Yeah, broke his heart outside the dorm room last night, told me everything and said that’s why he couldn’t be with me… then about 4ish this morning he… well, you know the rest,” Molly’s voice grew quieter as she finished the sentence.

”Then about 4ish this morning he showed up at the dorm and ravished you less than 20 feet away from me,”

”Err… yeah, that,”

Victoria chuckled and shook her head slowly, “Warn me next time? Please?”

”I suppose I can do that,” Molly bit down on her bottom lip and stared into space.

”You’re thinking about it again, aren’t you?” Victoria scrunched up her face and looked away. “I really should carry around a sick bucket with me for the next like… FOREVER! Shouldn’t I?”

”I’m sorry, I’ll stop…” Molly smiled as the door opened and in walked Zayn, he still looked half asleep with his hair tousled and dark rings around his soft eyes. “Told you he’d probably just woke up late,”

”Shut up Moll,” Victoria mumbled as Zayn took a seat in front of them, he didn’t even turn back.

“Hey, bender, lesson started almost an hour ago,” Matt’s friend Rick chuckled.

Zayn’s eyes remained locked on his coursework, usually he’d reply with some kind of witty insult and just turn Rick’s lame attempt at annoying him around all together, but not today…

“Gone all shy on us Zayn ?”

”Does your big mouth compensate for your little dick?” Liam asked moving from the front of the room to the back near Zayn, he placed his work down on the desk and looked at Rick. “You finished taking the piss or you wanna go for some more? Cos I’m loaded with insults mate, I can sit doing this for hours,” Rick sheepishly turned his attention back to his work as a few students sniggered at Liam’s comment. “You okay dude?”

”Fine,” Zayn mumbled gratefully.




Molly gathering up her paintbrushes and pallet and moved over to the nearest sink.

”Where are you off to?”

”Oh I errm… told a friend I’d meet him- HER! I’d meet HER at errm… her… err…”

”You’re meeting Harry aren’t you?” Victoria asked tediously, Molly stalled for a few minutes as she pushed the brushes into her pot. “Molly, I’m not as dumb as I look… I don’t care if you’re meeting him! Seriously, as long as you’re not doing the naughties directly in front of me then I’m seriously happy for you,” She added.

”Oh in that case I’m meeting him in a few minutes,” Molly explained a content smile etched across her face. “You’ll… be okay here… won’t you?”

Victoria nodded firmly and shrugged, “Why wouldn’t I be?” Molly nodded her head towards the desk in front of them, Zayn and Liam sat talking quietly. “We’ve been sitting here for almost 2 hours and he hasn’t said a word, I’ll be fine, I have my iPod,”


”Molly, go… Harry’ll be waiting,” Molly smiled and grabbed her bag before leaving.

Victoria spotted Matt’s eyes snap to the door as Molly walked out and she could have swore she saw him say something to Rick.

”Hey,” Zayn breathed turning in his seat, Liam’s eyes remained glued to his work… as well as his right hand due to a unfortunate mishap involving the hot glue gun.


”You alright?” He asked softly.

”I’m hurt,” She mumbled miserably.

”Victoria, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

”I meant physically,” She chuckled light-heartedly; he nodded slowly and moved forward. “But everything else too,”

Zayn looked down at his hands and smiled slightly, “You gave her a right shiner too though,”

”Hmm,” She mumbled, “It’s not her fault though, I shouldn’t have gone bonkers… cos now I’m one friend down and I’m sore,”

”I’m so sorry Vicky,”

She looked awkwardly down at her work and cleared her throat; this was hurting her more than she was letting on and she didn’t intend on showing him just how much. “I’m err… gonna go,”

”Victoria don’t…”

”No this is about you Zayn , I was going to the gym,” She lied obviously; he stared at her for a few seconds and shrugged.

”The most strenuous work out you do is going to the cafeteria for a Snickers or two,” He joked.

She shrugged and flung her bag over her shoulder, “I guess you don’t know me as well as you think you do,” She mumbled before leaving. ‘Actually… Snickers sounds good’ She thought.

Matt left right after.

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