Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


15. Chapter 15


“So... where’s he taking you?” Stacey teased as she watched Teagan pace in and out of the bathroom, each time she came back into Stacey’s view she had a new outfit on. “I like!” She added sticking her thumb up to the backless black dress Teagan had tried on.

Teagan scrunched up her nose and shook her head, “Too... fleshy for a first date,”

“He’s a dude, they like that kind of thing,” Stacey chuckled as Teagan threw the black dress back into the bedroom aimed purposely at Stacey’s head.

”You keep it then…” Teagan pulled on yet another outfit and came back into the dorm room.

”Too… geek chic,” Stacey furrowed her brow.

Teagan examined the outfit in the floor to ceiling mirror on her side of the room, “Really?” She breathed; she wore black skinny jeans and a huge purple jumper that she probably could have worn as a jumper dress if the weather was better. “That’s the look I was going for…”

”Well… you’re pulling it off,” Stacey replied, Teagan grinned and grabbed arms full of clean clothes. She dumped them in a heap on her bed and bit down on her bottom lip.

”I’ll have to spend about 4 hours folding when I get back but who cares?”

Stacey chuckled and nodded, “Do you want help straightening your hair?”

”Hmm, yes please?” Teagan grabbed her make-up bag and disappeared into the bathroom.






Molly stood with her back leant across the wall, she stared at Zayn with a somewhat menacing glare and sighed heavily.

”She got hurt because of you… emotionally and physically…”

”I know,” Zayn mumbled looking down at his feet, Victoria was still in the shower and had been for the past 3 parts of an hour, leaving Molly and Zayn alone in the dorm room. “I didn’t mean to hurt her Moll, I was drunk,” He explained.

”Mhm… I’ve been fed that same line too,” She breathed as Victoria emerged from the bathroom wearing her teddy bear print pyjamas and pink fluffy slippers, she combed her hair and sat herself down on her bed. “You okay?” Molly asked softly.

Victoria’s right eye was blood shot and bruised, the split in her lip had caused her bottom lip to swell slightly and the cat scratches Saz had left her on her left cheek were red and tender. In a whole she looked far from attractive, “Hmm, alive, can’t ask for more than that really,”

Molly looked from Zayn to Victoria, then back to Zayn. “I’ll leave you two at it then… not literally… cos just… don’t okay?” She glared at the boy that had broken her best friend’s heart.

”You SERIOULSY don’t have to worry about that sugar,” Victoria mumbled finally looking at Zayn.

The uncomfortable silence set in and Molly shifted awkwardly from one foot to the other,

“I’ll be… somewhere,” She mumbled, leaving quickly.

She breathed a sigh of relief as she left the room; she didn’t want to be there when they were screaming at the tops of their lungs to each other.

”Oh, hey… I was just coming to see you,” Harry breathed pushing his hands into his jeans pockets.

”Err… hi,” Molly mumbled.

”How are you?” He asked softly as they began walking aimlessly down the corridor.
”I’m okay, you?”

”Hmm… I wanted to talk to you about before,” He began; Molly shook her head and laughed awkwardly.

”Oh, look I didn’t know you had a girlfriend, I wouldn’t have…”

”NO! I don’t have a girlfriend,” Harry mumbled sitting down on the bench they’d come across. “It’s just… I really like you Molly,”

”You do?”

”Yeah,” He confirmed, he looked across at her and sat up. “And for that reason I can’t be with you…”

Molly stared at him for a second or two, “Did that make some sense that I’m not in on? Cos… you’ve lost me…”

”I’m not the err… best boyfriend about… I couldn’t stand hurting you,”

”I’d take the risk,” Molly replied eagerly, ‘Okay, just sound desperate why don’t you?’ she thought to herself. “You can’t just stay single forever Harry,” She added.

”Wanna bet?” He mumbled looking down at his feet, “Last year… I had a girlfriend that… she…”

”What is it?” Molly asked concern lacing her every word.

”She killed herself… because of me,”





“You’re down to two minutes,” Victoria breathed breaking the silence, when Zayn looked up at her his eyes were clouded with tears. But she looked away; no way was he going to make her feel guilty for this.

”Vicky I’m… I’m so sorry!” He cried placing his head in his hands.

”That’s not gonna wash with me Zayn ,” She mumbled weakly, she took a second to glance over at him and sighed. “Stop it…”

He looked up at her and wiped at his eyes, she was crying now too. This wasn’t how she wanted this to be. “I just… this is such a mess,”

”Yeah…” Victoria breathed as tear after tear rolled down her cheeks, “I was coming to tell you that… not that it matters anymore… that I was sorry and I didn’t want this to end,” She added.

”I thought you’d be at the party,” He replied.

”I’m sorry but I just broke up with my boyfriend, I wasn’t exactly in the partying mood,”

Zayn nodded slowly and moved across the room, he hesitantly sat down on the bed next to her and she moved a little bit to the left creating some distance between them. “I had too much to drink and Harry left me to take Molly home…” He explained.

Victoria closed her eyes tightly and shook her head, “I don’t wanna hear this,” She breathed the familiar nauseas feeling washing over her, she stood up and headed towards Molly’s bed.

”You need to hear this Victoria,”

”No, I really don’t,” She replied, she couldn’t stop the tears now. “The thought of… god it makes me feel sick and I HATE you for it,”

”You don’t mean that,” He breathed.

”No, I don’t… but I hate that you could do that, I thought I knew you but…”

”You DO know me Vick!” He promised, he moved from Victoria’s bed and knelt down beside her, “That was just one stupid moment of weakness… she means nothing to me! It’s YOU I love… you I wanna be with,” He breathed; he took her hand in his and ran his thumb over her tender knuckles. “Please just… give me another chance baby, I need you,”

She stared at him for a few seconds before shaking her head and pulling her hand away, “I can’t…”

”Victoria please… you mean the world to me,”

”BULLSHIT!” She snapped, “I couldn’t have meant that much to you if within one day you were shagging your ex,”

”I don’t know what to say to you… I just… I want you so bad Victoria, please…” He begged, she sighed heavily and bit down on her bottom lip.

”I love you so much, but I can’t be with you Zayn. Not after what I saw…” She bit down on her bottom lip and made her way over to the door. “I… can you…”

He sat still for a few seconds and let the tears fall, he’d been so stupid to lose the person that meant the most to him. She couldn’t forgive him, he knew that much… “Yeah, I’ll go,” He breathed; he staggered over to her and cupped her cheek in his hand. “If you change your mind… you know where I am,” He breathed staring down at her.

She nodded and leant up pressing her lips against his, then quickly pulled away. “I’ll… see you around,”

That was that. They were over.

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