Lie To Me (A 1D Fanfiction) 14+

Molly is used to male admirers, she's not used to stalkers. And when she meets Harry Styles, things get even more complicated...


1. Chapter 1

“Oh VERY mature!” Victoria spat, she grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and pelted it at his head; she missed by a few feet and yet he still attempted to dodge the flying fruit. “TWAT!” She shouted slamming the dorm room door as hard as she could manage, the walls shook slightly and she let out a loud exaggerated sigh. “I swear to god I could take him, I might not look much but I could kick the living sh-“

“Victoria,” Molly interrupted her friend in nothing above a whisper, “Just forget about him.”

Victoria watched as Molly got to her feet, she made her way into the bathroom and bought various cleaning products out from beneath the sink; she pulled on a pair of rubber gloves and came back into the dorm room.

“I’ll do it.” Victoria offered seeing the look of defeat in her friend’s eyes, but Molly shook her head.

“No it’s fine.”


“I said its fine.” She repeated, taking a deep breath she made her way into the University corridor, she saw a few students sniggering but chose to ignore them. She turned to look at the door to hers and Victoria’s dorm room and sighed heavily. ‘HORE’ the huge black doors stood out on their white door and the illiterate fuck that had been harassing her for months had even spelt the word wrong. She took a second to think about how he even got into University in the first place and finally she began to scrub at the H.


The next morning, Molly stood staring at her pallid reflection in the bathroom mirror, she looked as though she hadn’t slept a wink all night – she guessed the reason was probably because she hadn’t.

Most the night she’d spent awake in the dark crying quietly and truing her hardest not to wake Victoria up, she knew that Victoria would only come up with some solution that would more than likely end in some form of violence and as the graffiti from yesterday proved...violence wasn’t going to deter his obsession with her.

His name was Matt Saunders, at first she was flattered by the constant flow of compliments but then he’d start coming on a bit too strong. Instead of commenting on her eyes he’d comment on her chest, he’d be ridiculously crude when she didn’t want him to be and one time he got a bit too friendly at a party and Victoria’s boyfriend Zayn had to step in and tell him to back off.

But still Matt was persistent.

Eventually when she had enough and told him to leave her alone he got worse, he got more abusive; saying that she’d ‘lead him on’. Which of course wasn’t true, she’d treated him no different to any of her other friends.


“Yeah?” Molly’s voice was hoarse from crying.

“I’m heading out to first lesson, you coming with?” Victoria replied, Molly thought for a few seconds, this was ridiculous, she was actually debating whether or not she wanted to go to lesson and risk running into Matt.

“I’ll be out in a few.” 

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