I'm really into you... ummm. No!

Ella is a type of girl who is not really into guys like models, athletes , singers , and specially guys who are in a boy band. She is not like any other girl who falls for those kind of guys. But inside she is just afraid of getting hurt. What happens if one of the guys from one direction fall for her? Will she fall for one of them too.


4. Not my type

~Phone rings~


"Hey Ella! Me and the guys are wondering if you and your friend Tay wanna maybe come over to our house tonight?" said Harry

"Yeah sure"


Me and Harry have been really close lately and he is like a brother to me we've been texting, calling,and sometimes we would hang out with Liam,Louis,Zayn,Niall,and Tay. Louis turned out to be really funny, Liam I would say is the most mature one in the band. He is smart (but not in a nerdy way or anything) but still can have fun. Zayn is like one of the sweetest guys in the band. Niall is also one of the sweetest totally carefree and loves to eat. Harry is such a huge flirt but I could tell that he is not one of those guys who just play with girls like a doll. 


"Yes Ella?

" Umm Do you wanna come over to Harry's house tonight?"

"ahh! yes of course I'm gonna go get ready"

I changed into a white tank top that has the British flag at the middle, skinny jeans,and some white shoes. I went to the bathroom put some black eyeliner and mascara. I came out of my room and saw Tay wearing a white shirt, with leather jacket,skinny jeans,and black high heeled boots. edgy and cute. Tay is actually really pretty she's really tall like 5'9, blue eyes, and long light brown wavy hair with blonde highlights. 

We got into their house and knocked at the door.

"ohh hey Ella" Zayn said.


"Whats up Tay" 

"Ohh not much" said Tay.

I stepped inside the house and Harry came up and said "Hi". "hello Harry" I gave him a hug and quickly let go. "Hey no hug for me" said Louis with the puppy dog face. " Hey Lou" I gave him a hug and then let go. " Ella, You look really pretty" said Harry. "thank you" I said smiling at him. He smiled back and we sat down on the couch. We were watching this movie called Pitch Perfect. It's seriously the most funniest movie I have ever watched. I cracked up the part when Amy was like " but Aubrey I'm like really good at bikini car washes". But sometimes I don't like to laugh to hard around people cause my laugh is just so weird and I dont like it at all. " You have an adorable laugh" said Harry. "thanks I guess". 

Harry's P.O.V

Ella and I have been really close ever since we got to know each other. I think I actually like her. She is really pretty and really sweet. We were watching the movie Pitch Perfect and she cracked really hard. Aww she has an adorable laugh. I looked at her for a second then looked back the tv. I put my arm around her but then she grabbed my arm and get it off her. What the hell! What she doesn't like me? Well I actually don't know if she does or not. So I'm kinda guessing I am stuck in the stupid friendzone. 

The movie had finally finished and we got up from the couch and I stretched a little bit. "ahh!". "hey Harry me and Tay have to go but I had a great time". "ok. I'll walk you home". "ok" said Ella.

We finally reached their house. Tay opened the door and got in but before Ella could get it I just wanna ask her something.

"Ella wait!" I said while grabbing her arm.


"Could I just talk to you?" 

"Yeah sure what is it?"

"Look this is gonna sound a little weird but I kinda like you and I was wondering if you wanna errm ummm go out with me or something" I said nervously. There was an awkward silence so I leaned in a little closer to kiss her and try to break the awkward silence. She pulled me away before I could kiss her.

"No. I'm sorry I can't" She said with a disappointing look. Great! She doesn't like me. I'm usually good with dealing with these problems but this time I'm not. Its really disappointing to hear those words from her mouth. 

"Its fine." She gave me a kiss in the cheek and a hug.

" I'm sorry!"

"Its all good"

"I have to go anyways bye"


I walked back to the house with a really disappointing look on my face. I just can't deal with redjection. I really can't. 

Ella's P.O.V

Harry just asked me out but I had to say no. He is just not my type. What do I say No I cant you're just not my type. I can't say that its rude. I love him and everything but just not like that. I felt really bad for him. I really do.

I came inside the house with a disappointing look.

"Aw what happened Ella?"


"come on tell me what happened"

"Alright. Harry just asked me out but I said no. I just don't like him that way and I feel really bad for letting him down"

" Really Ella? You're not interested?"

" I just like him as a friend"

" Ella I know you are just afraid of getting hurt but I know Harry is great guy and I don't think he will hurt you" 

" I don't know Tay I don't know"

"Uhh! You are such an idiot"

I ignored that part she said about me so I grabbed my phone and texted Harry.

"Hey Harry look I'm sorry are we cool?"

I pressed the send button and he replied a minute later.

" I told you its all good. Goodnight"

I replied back and saying "goodnight"

( A/N Ok so what did you guys think of that I will try to upload every week and maybe I will publish a movella called Popular vs Geeks. So I hope you liked this chapter and hopefully you would read Popular vs Geeks when it comes out goodbye! -Ella xoxo)

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