I'm really into you... ummm. No!

Ella is a type of girl who is not really into guys like models, athletes , singers , and specially guys who are in a boy band. She is not like any other girl who falls for those kind of guys. But inside she is just afraid of getting hurt. What happens if one of the guys from one direction fall for her? Will she fall for one of them too.


3. He's a nice guy

Harry's P.O.V.

Me and the lads are at London for a break from our tour. I was at the house watching tv and I hear the mail arrive. I took the mail and its addressed to house# 138. we live at house number 139. It must have been addressed to the house next to ours ( but too bad their mistaken). Since Paul is not here its either me or one of the lads go to their house and give the mail. 

"Louis! can u give this mail to the house next to ours cause they must have mistaken and gave the male to us instead." ( if that made sense ).

"nope! to busy can u do it instead?!" louis screamed. ( he was in his room and i was in the living room )

"ughhh! fine!"

I arrived to the house and rang the doorbell. the door opened and I saw a Tall,pretty girl,with beautiful chesnut hair,and sparkly brown eyes.  We talked for couple of seconds. But too bad i didnt get to know her name. I told her that I was in the band named one direction and she doesnt seem to know who we are. Hope fully when i get to see her again I could get to know her better.

Ella's P.O.V

I've been living in London for a week now and it has been great. no calls from Trevor and I am gonna start collage in a couple of months.

I am at my room just listening to music I got really bored so i decided to dance. After all i am going to a dance collage although i still love singing but dancing is more my thing. I decided to put some hip hop music. I kept practicing my dancing until i hear someone knocking at a window. wait how can some one knock my room is upstairs. so maybe someone threw something on my window. I looked down to see who was throwing stuff on my door. no one! I looked up and saw it was the guy named Harry. He wrote in a some paper in big letters. it said:

" Hi! how r u? umm could I get ur name I didnt have time too ask you when we first saw each other." (i know like the taylor swift video) I took a piece of paper and write him back.

"I'm good. My name is Ella."

"ermm do u mind if I get your number so that we could just speak instead of write?"

"sure. its 555-0129" (dont call its a made up number)

"ok thanks. nice dancing by the way"

"oh thank you! sorry i forgot to close my window" I dont really feel comfortable when people watch me danced but I have to get use to it cause I am going on a dance collage anyways.

~phone buzzing~

I got a text from an unknown number.

No problem love :)-Harry 

I saved his number and we have been texting or either calling for hours now. He is actually a really nice guy

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