I'm really into you... ummm. No!

Ella is a type of girl who is not really into guys like models, athletes , singers , and specially guys who are in a boy band. She is not like any other girl who falls for those kind of guys. But inside she is just afraid of getting hurt. What happens if one of the guys from one direction fall for her? Will she fall for one of them too.


7. Guys meet Austin

Ella's P.O.V

After a day with Louis, I drove back home and as soon as  I get in, Austin was there in the couch watching telivision. "hey". I gave him a kiss in the cheek and sat down with him in the couch. The doorbell rang. "oooohh I'll get it" said Tay. I got up from the couch to see who Tay invited over. I looked up to see who it is and it was of course the guys. I gave them a hug and I sat back down with Austin. " Hey babe who are they?" said Austin. "their one of my friends. and they are in band called one direction." "oh". The guys sat down in the couch. " well hello there mate" said Liam. "sup. I'm Austin. " " Nice to meet you Austin. I'm Liam. This is Zayn, Harry, Niall, and Louis." "Nice to meet you too". Okay this good I think they are getting along well. But Harry is kinda giving him a weird I'm gonna kill you sort of face, so I don't really think Harry likes Austin. "umm babe I'll be right back I just need to go to the bathroom" said Austin. "okay."

"Babe?" Zayn said asked with questioning look.

"yeah we have been dating for a while now". I looked at Harry who has a disappointing look in his face." oh okay" said Zayn. " ok what part of the movie did I miss" said Austin. "umm I don't know  I wasn't really listening. sorry". 

Harry's P.O.V

I don't really like this Austin guy. I don't know something just doesn't feel right. I can tell in his eyes that there is something not right. He looks like a player. Even though Ella said no to me I won't let any other guy hurt her. Man, maybe this guy really likes her and maybe Ella is really into this guy. But it doesn't mean that she has a boyfriend now it doesn't mean that I'm giving up. When the right time comes I could ask her out again. "Niall, Don't you think there is something wrong with this guy?".I whispered Niall. " What do you mean?" said Niall. " Its just that he looks like a player I can tell it in his eyes". "yeah he kinda does. But why do you care? Do you still like her?". "yeah kinda. But I won't let any guy just hurt her". " Harry, we just met him maybe he is not a player. who knows maybe later we would get to know him better and we would like him". " you guys can but I don't think I will".

Austin's P.O.V

I am at Ella's house watching telivision with some of her friends. I don't know why that Harry guy hates me so much. Well I can tell by the way he looks at me. And I can tell that he really likes Ella. No way! She's mine. Well actually I have been seeing two girls actually. The other girl is named Mandi, and she is really hot. She is kinda short like around 5'3, blonde hair, grey eyes,and really sweet like Ella. Me and Mandi actually have been seeing each other longer than me and Ella did. We have been together for a year now. I mean when I saw Ella I just thought she was really hot so why not date two girls at the same time. They'll never find out. I knocked into Ella's room. "come in". I came inside her room and Ella was trying to organize everything in her room. I grabbed her by the waist, lift her from the ground, put her down and kissed her. " so are you having fun with the guys?" said Ella. "yep just one question". "what?" "do you umm like Harry or something?" " umm no you are the only guy". "aww". I grabbed her by the waist again and kissed her. 

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