I'm really into you... ummm. No!

Ella is a type of girl who is not really into guys like models, athletes , singers , and specially guys who are in a boy band. She is not like any other girl who falls for those kind of guys. But inside she is just afraid of getting hurt. What happens if one of the guys from one direction fall for her? Will she fall for one of them too.


1. Collage!

I'm Ella, I'm 19 years old and I am moving to London with my friend Tay to start off with our collage. The day is finally here the day I am moving to London! My dream was always collage and Tay's was collage and meeting a band named One direction. I never really heard of that band cause I only focus on singing ( but not their songs or anything),dancing,and my favorite sport swimming. 

~phone rings~


"hey how are you i miss u so much i heard you are moving to London"

uhhh! its my annoying ex Trevor he really needs to understand that I moved on and I am not planning on dating any boy and just focus on collage.

"u know that i told you not to call anymore!" I yelled at him.

"just wanted to say I love you"

I hanged up the phone and just got ready. I wore a black sleeveless shirt that had the uk flag in it, my favorite denim shorts,with my cute sneaks.

I went down to my living room and saw my friend Tay. She was wearing this shirt that says keep calm and love one direction, white denim shorts,and the flats i gave her for her birthday.

I moved in with my bestfriend Tay when I was 6. I know too young right?! But my parents died over a car crash. So Tay let me moved in with her and her aunt. Her parents died as well. 



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