I'm really into you... ummm. No!

Ella is a type of girl who is not really into guys like models, athletes , singers , and specially guys who are in a boy band. She is not like any other girl who falls for those kind of guys. But inside she is just afraid of getting hurt. What happens if one of the guys from one direction fall for her? Will she fall for one of them too.


5. awkward

Harry's P.O.V

I went upstairs to my room thinking why she had redjected me. Then suddenly my phone buzzed. It was a text from Ella. It says:

Hey Harry look I'm sorry are we cool

I was thinking of what should I say should I say its all good or should I say how I really feel in the inside. I replied back a minute later saying:

I told you its all good. Goodnight.

I lied. I am actually gonna die in the inside cause of this feeling oh wait I think I already am. I don't know if our friendship is gonna be the same. I really like her. Why doesn't she feel the same?

(some knocked at the door)

"hey Harry" said Liam.


"something wrong?"

" nothing"

"come on we tell each other everything"

"okay fine. I asked Ella out she said no. And she told me she liked me as a friend. But I just can't get over her. I really like her Liam."

" If she doesn't see how great and wonderful guy you are then its her lost. You deserve someone better"

"thanks but I couldn't get over her". 

Maybe I do deserve someone better. But I gotta get over her first.  But how? She keeps getting in my mind her smile, her eyes,her personality everything is just so beautiful. Maybe I just need to push her off my mind so that I can get over her. 


A month later

Since I've told Ella how I felt and asked her out its been really awkward, not much talking. Me and the guys do hang out with her and Tay sometimes but me and Ella don't talk that much. I still haven't got over Ella yet. I'm trying hard to get over her but I really can't. If me and her would talk we just say "hi" nothing else. But you know what I won't give up, Soon, I'm gonna get the girls of my dreams. 

Ella's P.O.V

Me and Harry haven't been talking that much it has been pretty awkward. I was just scared if I talk to him he would just ignore me. I gotta admit I do miss talking to him and the friendship we use to have. 

I am sitting in the couch watching a movie called 'Don't Be Afraid of The Dark', with my boyfriend Austin. We have been dating for 4 weeks now, and it has been great. But sometimes I thought of how Harry is gonna think of me and him. Cause its really important to me that my boyfriend and my other friends get along. Cause if they don't then that would be a problem to me. Austin is pretty cute he has dark brown hair, emerald green eyes, and we have a lot of things in common. He is really sweet. Every time I get upset or every time I cry he's always there for me. When ever I cry he would always say "whose ass should I kick babe" its just so cute. Austin and I met at the mall when we bumped to each other by accident.

4 weeks ago

I was at the mall shopping then suddenly I bumped into someone "ow". I whined as my shopping bags fell. "oh sorry ma'am". "its fine". " Let me help you pick that up". I looked at the guy wow! this guy was cute. "thanks". I said as he helped me pick up the shopping bags. "no problem".

"I'm Austin by the way"

"I'm Ella"

"You American?"

"yep. I've moved couple of weeks ago"

" cool. me too."

He gave me his number and I gave him his. "Maybe we should like go out sometimes" said Austin. "sure". "Ok call me anytime" "ok bye" "bye" 


The movie has finally finished and I gave Austin a hug and a kiss. "goodbye babe" said Austin. "goodbye". I really miss hanging out with the guys so I thought I would hang out with Louis. I grabbed my phone and texted him.

"hey lou do u wanna hang out tomorrow?

I got a reply saying. "sure Ella i'd love to hang out"

Louis's P.O.V 

I was at the house chilling with the guys then my phone buzzed and I got a text from Ella saying "hey lou do u wanna hang out tomorrow? I replied saying " sure Ella I'd love to hang out". 





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