Never isnt always forever

What do you mean never? And does it mean forever?


2. Mooo mooo


Mooooo......Mooooo my alarm rang out through my mind. "Shut up." I mumbled with annoyance flooding over my words. I fight the urge to go back to sleep with one thought. Bliss. She was closer than a sister to me but we lived very different lives. I had a warm bed, loving parents that supported me while she had the streets, an abusive uncle that hated her and kicked her out of home 4 months ago. I told her to come live with me but that girl was too stubborn for her own good. By the time I reached the bathroom I didn't have enough time have a shower so i just started to get dressed. It was summer here in Australia so it was hot as. I rummaged through my coal black wardrobe with a small light hanging from the ceiling swinging to and fro. I settled on a white skater skirt that faded to a light pink color around the rim, a black and white indie shirt with black vans. My hair was already straighten so I just let it down. I run down stairs, gave my mum a kiss on the cheek and left to school in my baby blue bug my parents had go me for my 18th birthday.


I woke up to one of the parklands management team telling me that I had to leave or he would call the police. "Ok... ok im leaving." I said hauling my aching body off the park bench and started to walk out the gate of the park. I continue to walk until I came to a gas station. "Hey do you guys have a bathroom?" I asked the girl chewing gum who was standing behind the small red counter of the gas station. "Yeah out the back and to the right." She said handing me the key. "Thanks" I said before disappearing out the back to get changed for school. I pulled out my denim rippled high waisted shorts, a plain white crop top and my black, army styled boots. I took my dark purple hair out of the messy bun it was in and let it fall down my back and over my shoulders in rows of natural waves.
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