Best year ever

When two best friends go on hoildays and their lives change.


4. The plane trip to Ireland

As the plane took off I put my hand on Niall's knee like a death grip, and all you can see was my white knuckles. Niall said to me, first time ha can you tell with a little laugh it's ok don't worry I fly all the time and the plane hasn't gone down yet, oh thanks a lot. As I turned and look at Jess she didn't really worried about the plane taking off she was to busy chatting to Louis. After awhile I was more relax having a good time with Niall we talked about every thing family what we like and not and told him what I wanted to do with my life,work in child care and he said I am in a band just starting out Louis is in the band also we are meeting the rest of the guys over in Ireland wow Jess and me can be groupies or roadies if you are looking for someone, with a smile he said I will think about it. As I got Jessie intention we went to the toilet together Jess was looking like she was walking on cloud 9. As we were chatting we couldn't believe how easy the boys are like we know them for a long time. Omg I hope we can meet up with them on our holiday, jumping around in the small toilet like we had ants in our pants. As we got back to our seats I accidentally fall on Niall's lap how was your trip he said fine how's your's just getting better babe. As our meal arrived Niall was throwing food at Louis and back so we deicide to join in screaming and laughing as people were looking at us. As I turned to face Niall he said you have some food near your lips as he got a napkin he wiped my lips so gently, as we were staring at each others eyes. It was getting late and a few hours to go I closed my eyes and drifted of to sleep and in the background I can hear my name Zara Zara ZARA as I woke up I felt something wet as I look I was leaning on Niall's shoulder dribble was coming out the side of my mouth. It was very quite while we collect our bags, as we were waiting I can see Niall and Louis talking and looking at us. Jess and myself walked towards them to say our goodbyes, the both boys grabbed us and gave us a hug Niall was looking down at me he said he loved to catch up with me in a few days time, I just keep on staring at his mouth god I want to kiss him so bad, sure I said, I gave him my number and told him we were staying at the merrion hotel. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek I will see you soon. Next minute both of us were looking at Jess and Louis making out, looks like both of us are going to catch up with you two. As we broke the two love birds up. Niall pulled me against him I felt the warms of his body as he lowed his lips towards mine we kissed I don't want Louis to have all the fun.

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