Best year ever

When two best friends go on hoildays and their lives change.


3. The airport

I decided to sleep at Jessie place. Because we had to get up early in the morning to go to the airport. Me and Jess were going through her clothes, Jess said i don't know what to bring with me, and I told her some summer dresses, shorts, tops, bikins, and some sexy outfits for the night. The next morning we heard a beep outside it was the taxi taking us to the airport we were so excited no parents to tell us what to do. At the airport while we were putting our bags on the trolley Jess said we better hurry up and get our tickets as we were waiting, there was a tap on my shoulder as I turned around and looked up and nearly choked on my gum it was  the same boy at the coffee shop. Hey you remember me with a cheeky smile on his face, as my face was starting to blush I put my hand out and said hi my name is Zara Hoolahan feeling like a idiot and he stared to laugh at me, we'll nice to meet you again Zara my name is Niall Horan, Jess was looking at me funny. I whisper in her ear it's HIM from the coffee shop the one I have been thinking about, Jessie's eyes lit up no wonder Zara he's hot!!! Niall was looking at me with his deep blue eyes like he wanted to eat me alive as I got myself together,I am sorry this is my best friend Jess, Niall was getting nudged by a boy as Jess was looking at him and could not believe how good looking he was she had butterflies in her stomach. Niall introduce his mate Louis as they got there tickets Niall said see you on the plane and gave Zara a wink as they were boarding Zara and Jess got their sits and there were two vacant seats as they were waiting the boys were standing next to the seats and said it looks like we are sitting, with you beautiful girls.

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