Best year ever

When two best friends go on hoildays and their lives change.


8. Morning

The next morning as I open my eyes trying to get my bearing, I turn my head and there was Niall laying beside me with his hand on my stomach. For a few minutes and I just watched him sleep with his blonde messy hair, and a cute little smile on his face. Thinking about him and me making love a couple of times, he was a great lover so caring. As I gently moved his hand from my stomach, moving quickly to get out of bed so he could see what I looked like in the morning. As I got to the edge,the sheet got caught around my foot, next minute you could hear a big thud and their was me laying on the floor naked trying to be quit so I didn't wake up Niall. GREAT I said to myself as I rose up from the floor, Niall was laying on his side watching me. What are you doing he said to me, as I stood up trying to look sexy with my fuck me hair style I didn't want to wake you up as you looked so peaceful sleeping, Niall said I've been pretending I was sleep just watching you. Next he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bed and said you look so sexy in the morning Zara, and we made love again. Niall dropped me off at the motel in the afternoon, he gave me a kiss and said see you later and drove off. As I enter the motel room Jess was sitting on the lounge looking up from me saying it's about time you came back I was starting to get a search party for you Zara.

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