Best year ever

When two best friends go on hoildays and their lives change.


6. First time (Sexual scene)

Over the last couple of days Jess and myself was keeping busy doing or the tours things, Jess is always on the phone talking to Louis. And I keep on wondering why I haven't heard from Niall I was starting to get confused have I done something wrong in the back of my mine I keep on thinking what he said to me I can't wait to see you again. As I tried to ignore it I have to challenged myself not to think of him. The next morning as I woke up early I went to the kitchen and made myself a coffee, I was leaning on the breakfast bar cradling my coffee cup, I heard a noise coming from one of the bedrooms. As I walked to Jessie room and put my ear to the door to the hear, it was Jess and someone else, I gave a soft tap is everything all right in there? Next thing you hear was giggles and someone running around next moment the door open. Jess stuck her head out with a smile on her face and her hair looked like a bird nest, she was trying to talk to me but she was moving her hand like she was swatting a fly. Sorry Zara Louis rang me late night he wanted to come over and see me, and I didn't want to wake you up, and you know one thing leads to another so he stayed over and we tried to be quit so he can leave early. The door open and Louis was in his boxes shorts, hey Zara sorry about this, I didn't know we're to look he was so lean and he's boxes where low on he's hips , as I got myself together I said I just made some coffee help yourself thanks he said while walking around me. I looked at Jess rolling my eyes at her have fun I am going for a walk on the board walk before it gets busy. I got myself dressed and put some makeup on and do my hair, I closed the door behind me and started to walk down to the broad walk the fresh air will do me good, smelling the sea air to clear my head I was so restless. I looked around the shops haven't even open yet, I walked a few distance away and headed for the beach as my feet landed on the sand you can fell the coolness between my toes, as I sat looking at the ocean you can see the sail boats in the distance and the dolphins playing in the surf it was so relaxing just sitting there by myself, as I was sitting there for a while, I wonder what time it is, as I reach for my phone in my pocket it wasn't there because I was in such a rush to get out of the motel so Jess and Louis can have time together. I better get back soon I hope to god they finish I don't want to walk in while they are naked and making love to each other. I ponder for a while and I got up taking in the view of the ocean their was someone walking towards me, as the sun in my eyes, I couldn't see who it was and I heard my name as we were getting close it was Niall jogging towards me, as I stood still waiting for him to come to me. We both smiled at each other as we came together arms rapping around each other holding me steady bending down he took my lips and claiming them and drew me deeper driven first by him and then by me sliding his arms around my waist feeling the heat from him. I open my mouth and we both expiring our tongues with desire the heat spread from him to me our body melded together as we both breathing heavy. And a old couple walking past interrupted us saying get a room, both of us stood back still breathing heavy, but not ashamed of showing our affection for each other. As he grab my hand and our fingers intwine with each other looking over to he said I'm sorry I haven't contact you I've been so busy with the boys in the band it was the only time I had off, and I know I told you I would ring pulling my hand up and kissed it tenderly and his eyes watching me. I thought I did something wrong as I have not hear from you, I didn't know you could have text me. We walked quietly still holding hands I am playing tomorrow night and I will love you to come and watch us, and get something to eat afterwards. That's sounds great and I can meet the rest of your friends, what's the name of your band he replied one direction. We were both standing outside the motel doors, I looked up and said I'm not sure I want to go up yet, Louis stayed over last night and both were getting up to mischief, as I was looking for you both of them were getting out of the shower. My car is around the corner come back to my place for a while there is nobody there, turning around we head to his car. Parking in his underground car park he walked around and open the door for me thank you waiting for the doors on that elevator Niall put his arm around my waist he said, are you hungry I can make some breakfast for you if want, waiting for the elevator door to open I was thinking to my self I'm only hunger for you. Next minute we were in the elevator Niall pushing me against the wall, leaning over pushing for his number of his floor, holding me close and moving more firmly against my body the heat of him, the muscled maleness of him, our lips meeting together first so softy and gently and then so intense, I open my mouth for him to explore, and both of our tongues were doing a dance tasting each other, opening my eyes we studied each other eyes. He started to unbuttoned my blouse and tugging the rest out of my shorts, I can feel the coolness on my blouse opening, just my breast showing under my bra my nipples where so hard. Niall groan, and his breathing is ragged "oh" Zara he whisper as he moves back looking at my breast as they raising up and down the elevator door open and we rushed towards his door to his apartment my heat is thumping with desire for him, leading me to his bedroom. Reaching for my blouse as he slipped it of my shoulders as he fumbled with my button and zipper from my shorts falling down to my ankle as I kick them out of the road. Standing there he said you are so beautiful Zara, I've been thinking about this for the last couple of days just you and me together a slow, sexy smile spreads across his lovely face. I was speechless as my in sides melt he came closer undone my bra as he cupped them softly brushed his finger over my nipple raising to his touch he lowed his mouth and drew my tight nipple in his mouth while he suckled. My head tipped back and I clung to him with a gasped he strip me bare, leading me to the edge of his bed, lowing me down as I watch in a daze for him to take his clothes off. Standing at the edge of the bed he came towards me bending down his hand glided my body with his hands I found his lips as we kissed, I reached for him, I pulled him closer and can feel his erection against me, this is the effect you have over me Zara. As he slide his fingers between my legs finding the spot, I was so wet him as he rubbed me, you are so ready for me he whirls me around so I'm facing him as he entered me. We both gasps with pleasure as we moved together as one. His hand on my hips, I climax around him tipping my head back as I locked eyes with him as his jaw strained he came, as he collapse on my chest. I don't want to move I said to him and I leaning over he kiss the side of my temple as he played with a strained of my hair taking my hand let's stay in bed for the rest of the day.

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