Best year ever

When two best friends go on hoildays and their lives change.


2. Coffee

While I was waiting for my best friend Jess at the bus stop, I decided to get a coffee. While I was waiting in line I was thinking about the holidays what me and Jess were going to get up too. There was a tap on my shoulder I looked around and their was a young man looking down at me telling me to move. While I was looking at him I thought it was strange that he was wearing a beanie and dark sun glasses on a summer day, all you can see was some blond hair poking out. As we were chatting he was asking me what I was up to and I was telling him it was my last day of school and me and my best friend Jess are going on holidays to Ireland, for three weeks. He said how funny is that me and my best mate are going also in a few days time, as i grabe my coffee and said to him we might see you around "joking" around with him. As Jess and me were looking at the clock in the classroom waiting for the bell to ring all I keep on thinking was about the boy at the coffee shop. Next minute I heard the ball ring and screaming kids saying the end of school. 

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