Best year ever

When two best friends go on hoildays and their lives change.


5. At the hotel

On the ride to the hotel with a smile on my face, looking back about that earth shattering kiss. With Jess and her pash rash mouth decided we have a quite night in and get room service, as we got our keys and looked around it was big and fancy hotel as we enter the room there was a platter of strawberry and a bottle of champaign, look at the view Zara said Jess standing near the window, how romantic you can see a couple of loves watching the sunset at the broad walk. I wonder what Niall and Louis are getting up to? Let's give them a ring, as I got my phone and found Niall's number and dial there was no answer so let's try later, he said him and Louis are meeting up with the rest of the boys. After a while we had our showers we were sitting with our towels around us and drinking champaign there was a knock at the door. We both said room service as I walked behind the door to open it and stuck my head around the corner, Niall was standing there to my surprise my towel slipped half way down, in shook I fumble with my towel. Niall poked he's head in and said is every thing all right. His deep blue eyes piercing at me while I was still fumbling with the towel I fixed my self with my towel he was still staring at my breast like he wanted to ravish them, as my breast got tight and hard. In the background Jess yelling who it is? And started to stutter it's it's Niall and all you can hear was Jess screaming and running to her room, as Louis walked in wondering what the hell was going on, and me red as a beet root just standing there while Niall not saying anything like he was in a trance. I put my hand out and clean my voice make yourself comfortably I will be right back, as I rush to the room I past Jess, looking confused with a pair of boxes short in her hand these are not my clothes shaking hear head, you must have grabbed Louis bag while you were making out, as I quickly got dressed and changed bags. I put my shoulders back and closed my eyes what an night it has been. I walked in the room and the boys were whispering very quit as I approach them they both jumped I asked them would they like a drink and they both said yes, Jess walked in looking like she was going out make up on and a nice sexy dress and sat right near Louis like a second skin. In the next room I was in the fridge getting the drinks Niall was leaning over the breakfast table would you like a hand, as I stood still he came over a grab the drinks from me and put them on the table and pulled me close to him looking down and kissed me lightly on the mouth as I stood on my tiptoes I wrapped my arms around his neck and we pulled each other closer the kiss got more intersection as he slipped his tongue in, it was warm and taste like fresh mint even more hungrily this time. He ran his lips along the side of my neck, across my collarbone all the while caressing my breasts, one and then the other, I felt so dizzy with the pleasure as I made a moan noise out of my mouth, Niall made a raspy chuckle and the kiss was finally ended. We were silent for a while, and then he whispered my name we better get back to the others, I just smiled at him still feeling his touch. We both got the drinks and walked to the lounge room, all you can see was Jess and Louis laying together with only their underwear on getting steamy hot with each other, I just looked at Niall and said well they haven't miss us, we made a noise to get their attention and they both jumped up and grabbing their clothes, it looked so funny, the way Jess and Louis putting their clothes on like the parents walking in the room and getting busted. After and hour Louis said we better go it's getting late and we got a big couple of days, meeting the rest of the boys and other things with the disappointment look on my face Niall said I love to see you again Zara lifting his hand as he pulled a strain of hair from my face putting it behind my ear, the touch was loving and caring, my heart skipped a beat. He hold my hand and we walked to the door don't worry I will ring you and gave me a kiss and both of them where gone. That night I toss and turn thinking about Niall, was I falling for him.

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