Circles of Madness


1. Circles of Madness

My negativity is mostly expressed with posetivity.
My tears are disguised as smiles.
'Cause I don't want to cry in front of you,
if it'll trigger your madness.

The truth is; I'm going down,
I can't follow you till the top.
Problem is; you only see your hopes for the future,
and who am i, to break your Mirror of Erised?

I remember a time, where trust were the keyword.
Now we hide behind our lies.
It's funny how the one, who is the furthest from me,
is the one right by my side.

Till now I've only spoke about your madness,
is it time to analyse my own?
Or should I keep it hidden, till it all blows over?
Should I keep my mouth shut, till I lay on the ground?

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