We're All Survivors

We're the only survivors.. I wouldn't be so sure.


1. Survivors

Nezza's P.O.V

"Come on guys!" I screamed. Lauryn, Chloe and Amber ran after me.

I'm guessing you're curious.

Us four girls were the only remainders of a bomb dropped on the school. Yeah. Fun. We were all doing our hair in the girl's bathroom, and it dropped on our classroom. Amber, Chloe and I fished Lauryn outta of the toilet she'd fallen into, then had started running.

We ran towards the bush covering across the road, and saw that a few houses had been demolished. Looking up, planes unknown dipped and fluttered through the air. "War." I whispered. Amber shook her head. "Nah. We're losing. It'd be a demolishification." I laughed despite myself. I heard a voice, and grabbed Chloe's arm and started running. We ran until we reached my house.

My parents had been holding a party for some people, including Lauryn's, Chloe's and Amber's parents, which I'm grateful for. Saves us from running all over Forriefield. I reached the house. Demolished. I heard a baby crying, and relief coursed through me. I ran up to the house, and ripped up a few pieces of the house. I found my baby sister, my parents, survivors. Plane whirred overheard; a massive explosion rang through the air. I looked up; a helicopter unrecognizable. Amber climbed the tree in record time and started waving. "HEY!" She screamed. Lauryn got the idea and jumped up and down.

The helicopter started to land. I grabbed my baby sister, and held her away from the rocketing wind, protecting her eyes. "Survivors." An accent breathed. "We're here to help."

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