Memories Tonight

"You see, my father was my best friend. He really understood me more than anyone else. But then... He left. My mother turned into this posh freak and she wouldn't ever breathe a word about him again..."

Charlotte (Charlie) Hilton lived a... lets say, normal life until her father died in a car accident. Forced to live like she's trapped in the 17th century, Charlie hides her tomboy side from her mother. When she's not Charlotte, she's Charlie, her alter-ego who's in a band with her best friend and spends the day on a penny-board. But suddenly, Harry Styles enters her life and she has never really known of him until after she kisses him. Take a journey full of twist and turns in 'Memories Tonight'.


2. Shopping For Dresses


"Oh god I hate Science," Amy muttered while stuffing her books into her locker, "I'm totally going to fail end of year exams..."


That day, all I wanted to do is to stay at school all day. Why? Because after the last bell, I was going shopping for dresses! Oh joy...


"Well... At least we have music next up. I can't wait to show Ms. Watson our song." I smiled as I pulled out my iPod. I loved listening to our first album, If Only. It was amazing what two teenage girls could come up with. I tried changing the song but I suddenly bumped into somebody.


"Oh, erm... sorry!" I cried my vision clearing. I cursed under my breath when Emma appeared with her little cluster of cake-faced, parrot-like friends.


"Well, well, well, if it isn't my little cousin Charlotte," she smirked, fiddling with her platinum blonde wavy hair.


"Hey Emma..." I stammered.


Emma grinned, "Girls, this is my cousin, Emma. She's a little...    boyish... If you know what I mean..."


Her flock of parrots cackled with laughter and I cleared my throat, "I believe I've met your friends before. I'm not boyish either, Emma!"


"Whoa! Step back, everyone!" Emma laughed as the other girls joined her.


Amy gritted her teeth tightly, "What the heck do you want, Emma? Charlie said she's sorry... what more do you possibly want?"


"I just want her to know that she shouldn't ever get in my way 
once more..." Emma said as she shot me an evil glare, "We may be cousins, Charlie, but we are not related OK? I don't want you in my sight ever again. Especially NOT at Taye's birthday party."


"I won't," I barked, "But I suggest you get out of my way if you do want me to fufil your precious wish."


Emma was shoked at my remark. She hated when people stood up to her, but I wasn't afraid of my stupid cousin. She may have a higher popularity status, but like I cared!


"I'm not scared of you, Emma..." I sneered as I spun around and walked away proudly.


"Charlotte! I'm not done with you yet!" Emma cried, "Charlotte don't... don't turn your back on me!"


I spun around quickly, "Oh no, Emma. I'd suggest you don't turn your back on me because I can stab you in the back before you can do anything about it."


Emma was speechless for a few moments before she let a small laugh escape, "Ooh! I'm so scared!"


I nodded, "You should be..." And with that, I walked away, far from my pretty little cousin.



* *



"Oh, Charlotte! This is going to be so much fun!" My mother exclaimed, pulling up in front of her favourite store devoted for dresses, "Oh the dresses in here are deVINE! Your going to love them!"


"Yeah... Sure..." I sighed, barely audible.


We piled out of the car and hurried into the dress store. Dresses... They were everywhere. All sorts of dresses! I just wanted to pull my hair out! A lady hurried up to us and smiled, "Good afternoon and welcome! Are you ladies in need of any assistance?"


While my mum chatted away to the lady about the reason we need a dress and so forth, I looked around. At the cash register sat a girl a few years older then me. She looked bored out of her wits while she drew on the back of her hand.


"And what size are you, darling?"


I snapped back into reality and smiled at the lady, "Um... I think I'm a size 8..."


"Perfect! I'll grab you a few dresses and masks and you can see what you think."


For the next hour or so, we picked out a handful of different dresses. Each one was different then the last, but I didn't like any one of them. It seemed as though my mother thought the best one was a dress I didn't like much at all. It was a pale pink tutu dress with a matching mask. I looked like  princess cross ballerina... Which was dreadful.


"It's wonderful!" My mother shrieked, swooning over my dress, "And the mask, oh the mask... Its right on the money! We're buying this one-"


"Mum!" I cried before she did something I would totally regret, "It doesn't suit me! I... I don't like it. It's too much!"


"She's right," the girl whom was behind the cash register smiled. She walked up to me and handed me a dress and a matching mask, "Here, try this on for size."


I nodded and mouthed the words Thank You before disappearing into the change rooms. I took a closer look at the dress. It was amazing. It was a strapless silk black dress that gathered at the hip and fell to my ankles. At the skirt, it had tiny little diamantes at the ends. My mask was also black and had litte diamontes around the right side and black and white feathers on the left side. It was gorgeous considering I didnt like dressed. I stepped out of the dressing room and revealed myself.


"I think its perfect..." I grinned, spinning around causing my dress to sway, "Mother?"


My mum stared at the dress, tapping her chin, "I think its second best. I still like that pink one..."


"I like the black one," the lady interupted, "It suits your daughter amazingly. The pink one is just a bit too... childish."


"Too much pink on the other one," the older girl stated as she gave me a wink.


I smiled as I admired myself in the.reflection, "Come on, mother. It's the best one, just admit it. Knowing Taye, she's probably going to wear an exact replica of the pink dress. I wouldn't like to rain on her parade."


My mother nodded, taking one.last glance at the dress, "Alright, we'll take it."


A smile stretched across my face and gave a nod of gratitude before dashing into the dressing room to take the dress off. Minutes later, I came out and walked over to the cash register to pay for the dress. When we had finished, we thanked the lady and the older girl and headed out to the car. The whole ride home, all my mother said was...



I still think we should have bought the pink one...

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