Memories Tonight

"You see, my father was my best friend. He really understood me more than anyone else. But then... He left. My mother turned into this posh freak and she wouldn't ever breathe a word about him again..."

Charlotte (Charlie) Hilton lived a... lets say, normal life until her father died in a car accident. Forced to live like she's trapped in the 17th century, Charlie hides her tomboy side from her mother. When she's not Charlotte, she's Charlie, her alter-ego who's in a band with her best friend and spends the day on a penny-board. But suddenly, Harry Styles enters her life and she has never really known of him until after she kisses him. Take a journey full of twist and turns in 'Memories Tonight'.


1. No, Please No...


"Charlotte! Come down here!"


I groaned and flopped off of my bed. So unladylike but I really didn't care. I adjusted my snapback and obeyed my mothers orders. I made my way recklessly down the stairs and entered the kitchen.


My mothers gaze fell upon my hat and she frowned, "Take it off."


"Take what off?" I asked.


"Don't pretend like you don't know, Charlotte. Take that hideous hat off now," she ordered.


"It's Charlie," I corrected, "And no, mother, its not hideous."


See what I have to put up with? Oh, but this is just the beginning. You should of seen the reaction when I walked out in shorts. Wow... worst experience of my life.


"Take. It. Off." She ordered. I took her orders on board, push her buttons any further and I'll cop it. With a quick motion, I took off my snapback and chucked it on the island bench. My mother didn't approve, but she rolled her eyes and started to read me a piece of paper...



Dear Hilton Residents,

You are honoured to help us celebrate Taye's 6th birthday!



Ah, cousin Taye. The only family member that I would think that REALLY listens to me. You see, my father was my best friend. He really understood me more than anyone else. But then... He left. My mother turned into this posh freak and she wouldn't ever breathe a word about him again. I pretty much didn't listen to a thing my mum said until she started shaking me...


"Aw, sweetie! Your going to wear a LOVELY dress and a matching mask! This will be absolutely divine! I haven't seen you wear a dress in so long!"


I gulped. A dress? I quickly snatched up the invitation and scanned my eyes through the neat handwriting. Damn... It was a Masquerade Ball. What were her parents thinking? She's only freaking six!


"Mum... You know I hate wearing a dress!" I cried, "And a mask? Are you kidding? It's not the bloody 1760's!"


She wagered a finger at me, "I will not tolerate any foul language in this house, Charlotte! Also, you ARE coming to party weather you like it or not!"


I sighed and bit my lip. Fine. For Taye. But if it was for anyone else, I would seriously shoot myself. I would never be caught in a dress, and if I was, it would be the end of my life.


"Hey mum, I'm going to go catch up with my friends..." I said quickly, placing my snapback on my head.


"Who?" My mother questioned.


I replied, "Amy..."


"Why don't you catch up with that beautiful cousin of yours, Emma?"


Emma? Oh, you mean that cousin of mine that gossips about me pretty much 24/7, makes my life a living hell and did I mention she HATES me? Oh yes, she's wonderful... "Erm... No... I think Emma's busy..."


Before my mum could say anymore, I quickly dashed upstairs. I had to get out of this tunic and skirt. I do NOT want to rock up to Amy's house looking like this. When I was out of sight in my bedroom, I changed into ripped denim jeans, a white singlet, a black jacket and pulled my penny board out from under my bed. I tiptoed down stairs and made a sharp turn into the laundry. I couldn't show myself to my mum, she would not approve. As soon I was out of the house thanks to the laundry door, I unlocked the gate and made my way to the front door. As soon as I reached the footpath, I layed my penny board down and scated my way to Amy's house. It wasn't a long scate, her house was only a few streets away. While riding, I flipped my hoodie on making sure no known friends of my mum would notice me...


I soon reached Amy's house a few minutes later. Amy's home was larger then the usual one, but it wasn't a mansion like mine. She had two garages, one for keeping the family car and the other one for our band to practice. Oh how I dread for her house. I knocked on the garage door and it slowly opened. I pushed my penny board under and quickly ducked under into the garage. Amy saw me and began to close the garage door again.


"Hey Ames," I smiled, "Thanks for letting me come over... I couldn't stand being around my mum for one more second."


Amy was like a sister to me. We were awfully close and similar, but she didn't have high maintenance parents like my mum. She had strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes, she was so damn pretty. Unlike me, I had mouse brown wavy hair and blue eyes.


Amy shrugged, "Hey, no problem. I just wrote a nice new track, check it out!"


She chucked me the notebook and I caught it with no worries. I read the lyrics...



I'm not much to look at.
I don't act like that.
I still can be the one.

I'm not really the best.
I'm not like the rest.
I can stir up some fun.



"It's a work in progress," Amy stated, "But it will match your voice perfectly. I'm just stuck on the guitar chords..."


"What's the tempo?" I asked.


"It's slow at the verses but at the chorus it speads up but not terribly fast."


I hummed to myself the lyrics. It was pretty good... A typical song about a girl wanting a boy even though she thinks she has no chance. I picked up an acoustic guitar and made my way over to Amy. I helped her out with the guitar chords and we cleaned up the song layout. We wrote some more lyrics and got up to the second chorus. Amy was amazing. She could play guitar and drums but for now she was just writing the music for the guitar. This song was going to go on our second album  as we had already had recorded a first album. It wasn't like those perfessional albums made by big stars, our album was recorded on an iPad thanks to the GarageBand app. Even so, both of us were a band. Together, Amy and I were Not Enough.


"This song is really good! Imagine winning a Brit for this song!" I cried while Amy plucked a few strings.


Amy grinned, "It's a Number 1 hit being born right here and now!" She plucked a few more strings until she asked, "Hey are you doing anything next Saturday?"


"Yeah sadly..." I muttered, "I have a birthday party to go to..."


"Who's? Emma's?" She snickered.


I cried, "Heck no! It's actually her sister Taye's... It's a Masquerade Ball..."


Amy's eyes widened, "Oh no..."


"I know! I have to wear a freaking dress and have a bloody matching mask! I'm gonna look like an idiot, Amy!" I moaned, feeling like smashing the guitar against the ground.


"Hey its ok. At least no one from school will be there!" Amy grinned.


"Emma will..." I grumbled.


"Oh shi-" Amy stopped as the door leading to the other garage swung open.


"Charlie! I thought I saw some rocking music from in here!" Amy's dad laughed as he stood in the doorway.


"Hey Mr. Jackson!" I smiled.


Amy asked, "Hey dad, how was work?"


"Pretty good. Hey Charlie, do you want anything to drink? Eat?" He queried.


"Nah, I'm right thanks Mr. Jackson. I think I'll head home now. It's starting to get dark." I replied, grabbing my penny board.


"Do you want me to drive you, Char?" Amy suggested, "Or do you want to use my car?"


I shook my head, "No thanks, I think I'll survive." I chuckled as I placed the guitar back on the guitar stand. I pressed the garage door remote and nodded to Amy, "See you around."


I slipped under the garage door and made my way back home. Once again, I placed my hoodie on my head in fear I may be recognised. I slipped in the laundry door way and watched my mum make dinner as I quietly made my way upstairs. I quickly got dressed into my skirt and tunic and then made dashed downstairs as quietly as I could and slipped out the laundry door. I ran to the front door and unlocked the door making as much noise as I possibly could to signify I was home.


I faked a smile, "Good evening, mother."


"You took quite a while," my mother snapped while she chopped up something or rather, "What do you possibly do at Amy's house?"


"We hang out." I replied, sitting down at the island bench.


"You should be practicing your Violin. Your not the best student, but you can improve," my mother said rather coldly.


"Thanks mother..."


She didn't say anything else for a while, I just watched her chop up some asparagus. She finally spoke after a few minutes, "How about you go and wash up? I'm making mock beef wellington!"


I stood up and curtsied, "No problem, your majesty..." I snapped, before turning on my heel and walking away.

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