Memories Tonight

"You see, my father was my best friend. He really understood me more than anyone else. But then... He left. My mother turned into this posh freak and she wouldn't ever breathe a word about him again..."

Charlotte (Charlie) Hilton lived a... lets say, normal life until her father died in a car accident. Forced to live like she's trapped in the 17th century, Charlie hides her tomboy side from her mother. When she's not Charlotte, she's Charlie, her alter-ego who's in a band with her best friend and spends the day on a penny-board. But suddenly, Harry Styles enters her life and she has never really known of him until after she kisses him. Take a journey full of twist and turns in 'Memories Tonight'.


4. Meeting Harry

"Oh! Uh, sorry!" I cried, looking up to see who exactly I bumped into.


There stood a boy, around my age in a royal blue tuxedo and a royal blue mask. Untameable curls spun out of control from the top of his head and dazzling green eyes that sparkled in the moonlight.


"Hey, no problem..." He smiled, extending his hand, "I'm Harry."


I politely accepted, "Nice to meet you Harry. I'm Charlie."


Harry grinned, "Charlie. I'll try and remember that name. So? What brings you to the Masquerade Ball?"


"Oh, I'm a cousin of Taye's. What about you? Are you one of the many cousins I don't know about?"


Harry laughed, "I don't think so, I'm just a distant family friend."


"If you don't mind me asking, Harry, when did you arrive?" I asked.


"Oh... Um... About 5 minutes ago. We were the last ones to arrive, why?"


Emma's "future husband"? Hmm... No wonder... He is pretty good looking... "Oh, no reason..." I smiled, hoping the conversation would die down.


"No seriously, why?" Harry pestered.


"Somebody said you were their "future husband"..." I giggled.


"Oh really?" Harry chuckled, "Who?"


I bit my lip, "My cousin... Emma. We're not the best of friends..."


"Oh Emma..." Harry raised an eyebrow, "The marshmellow?"


"That's what I thought!" I laughed as the conversation drifted away.


Harry eased the awkwardness, "Hey, it looked like you were in a hurry before. Do you want me to get you anything?"


I shook my head, "No, I'm fine, thanks for offering although. I was just going head inside."


"Ah, understood," Harry nodded, opening the door to the ballroom, "It's cold out here, want to come back inside?"


I shrugged, "Sure." I walked inside with Harry and shut the door behind us.


The live music stopped for a moment and somebody announced that it was a partner dance. I glanced at Harry and he did the same but had a cheeky grin.


I rolled my eyes, "You totally set this up, didn't you?"


Harry winked, "Maybe..."


I examined the ballroom floor, "Well... I'm definitely not dancing down here with you. Maybe up on the balcony?" I suggested.


"Sure then, at least we're dancing," Harry smiled as he took my hand and walked towards the staircase.


Flirt. Definitely a flirt. He's nice, though. But why does his features look so familliar? We soon reached the top of the balcony and no one was there. The music began playing again, and it was one of my favourites... Beautiful by Christina Aguilera.


Harry's lips curved up into a smile, "May I have this dance?"


I nodded, breathless. This song is just so amazing and now a complete stranger wants to dance with me? It's a dream come true. "Harry, I don't know how to dance..." I laughed.


Harry chuckled, "Don't worry. I'll show you. Here, put your arms around my neck..."


I looked up into his eyes and he did the same. I blushed and looked down at my feet. We moved to the beat of the music, hardly knowing a thing about each other.



I am beautiful no matter what they say 

Words can't bring me down 

I am beautiful in every single way

Yes, words can't bring me down, oh no 

So don't you bring me down today 



As every second past, I started to realize that I was falling for Harry. I hardly knew him, and he hardly knew me... but it seemed as though we had known each other forever. I hummed along to the song to my self and Harry noticed. He joined but the hums grew to words at the second chorus.



'Cause you are beautiful no matter what they say 

Words can't bring you down, oh no

You are beautiful in every single way 

Yes, words can't bring you down, oh no 

So don't you bring me down today 



I laughed, "You can sing, Harry."


He gave a small smile, "Yeah, I can dabble..." He cocked his head to the side, "Why? You act surprised."


"Oh I am, its just... I'm a singer too..." I explained, "And its hard to find male singers, I don't know any..."


Harry grinned, "You do know, and his name is Harry Styles."


That was the moment everything began to gradually slow down. The music... The movement... Everything. Was I dreaming? Was time really slowing down? Harry smiled at me and our eyes connected. We slowly moved towards each other... closer... and closer...





What the heck was I doing? I didn't even know Charlie! But the kiss... oh the kiss... sparks flew more then any other girl I had locked lips with before. She was definitely gorgeous... how could the mushroom not like such a breathtaking soul? 


After a few minutes, we parted and Charlie shook her head, "I'm sorry... I can't do this..." She whispered, barely audible, slipping her mask back on.


I sighed, don't tell me she's taken, "What's wrong?"


Charlie gave a small smile, "Harry, I don't know you and you don't know me."


I whined, moving closer again, "But I want to..."


She took a step back and smiled weakly at the ground, "Trust me Harry, so do I, but I can't do this right now. Maybe some other day but not right now, its too soon."


She was slipping through my fingers now. One wrong move and I can lose her. I had to be careful of what I said and do next, "Hey, well, maybe I can have your number? I'd love to catch up with you again, you know, as friends." I asked, slipping on my mask.


She sighed in a friendly way,  "Sure..." Charlie said as she pulled out her phone from her small purse, "What's your number?"


We quickly exchanged numbers and I nodded at the end, slipping my phone into my pocket, "Well... I might see you around Charlie..."


Charlie agreed, "Yeah, sure! Anytime Harry. It was a pleasure meeting you."


"Ditto," I replied, "I'll see you soon then."


Charlie leaned forward and gave me a quick peck on the cheek, "Bye..." She whispered, walking away from me and down the staircase.



One day... Hopefully...





It all just moved so fast, I couldn't keep up. A sign that I wasn't ready for a relationship yet. But because Harry wanted to pick up the pace made me think I was just a short-term relationship. I didn't want to be that after what I had just gotten out of. I couldn't find Harry anywhere so after that because I longed to speak to him again so I went back to original plans. I hurried to the ladies bathroom and hid in one of the cubicals. I pulled out my phone and texted Amy...



Me - Hey Ames :)


Amy - Hey bub, say... aren't u @ that party or sumthin???


Me - Yeh... but I've got news...




Me - I was just kissed by this super cute boy named Harry!


Amy - :o congrats sista! All details about him plz!


Me - Well... he's cute, he's not related and hes a good singer.


Amy - ...


Amy - Is that all...?


Me - It's all I got.


Amy - Appearence?


Me - My height, thick curly brown hair, green eyes and boy can he rock a suit!!!


Amy - hahah


Me - he just seems so fermilliar... Like I've seen him somewhere before...


Amy - honey, everyone looks fermilliar when its love at first sight


Me - sure, sure!


Amy - it's true! Remember Jiles? He looked young version of Ryan Gosling!


Me - no he... OMG HE DID!!



I talked to Amy for most of the evening, but occasionaly I ducked out to grab a drink or a small bite to eat. When the party soon began to come to an end, I headed out and waited around for all guests to be dismissed. At the end of the party, I found my mother and we agreed we would head home. Just as we were about to hop in the car, Taye caught up with us.


"Charlieeeee!" She squealed, wrapping her arms around my legs, "I just want to say thank you for the pony again. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"


I laughed, "No problem sweetie, did you enjoy your party?"


"Yes! I loved it!" Taye exclaimed, "Oh! And I thought of a name for my new pony!"


Already? "Oh really? What is it?"


Taye gave me a huge smile and made me bend down so she could whisper it in my ear...



"I'm gonna name her Charlie, after my favourite cousin in the whole wide world!"


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