Memories Tonight

"You see, my father was my best friend. He really understood me more than anyone else. But then... He left. My mother turned into this posh freak and she wouldn't ever breathe a word about him again..."

Charlotte (Charlie) Hilton lived a... lets say, normal life until her father died in a car accident. Forced to live like she's trapped in the 17th century, Charlie hides her tomboy side from her mother. When she's not Charlotte, she's Charlie, her alter-ego who's in a band with her best friend and spends the day on a penny-board. But suddenly, Harry Styles enters her life and she has never really known of him until after she kisses him. Take a journey full of twist and turns in 'Memories Tonight'.


3. Masquerade


"Hold still, Spice..." I laughed, trying to comb my brown horses magnificent mane, "Sugar was tame, why aren't you today?"


It was Friday afternoon, one more day until the party. Spice nudged me in the side of the head and neighed. He did it once more to get my attention. I laughed once more and placed my hand on my hip.


"Spice, If your not going to behave I won't take you for a ride. All I've got to do is brush your mane and then the little one's. Ok? Then, only then, I'll take you for a ride."


Spice seemed to have calmed down so I then continued brushing his mane. When I was satisfied, I finished off and made my way over to the baby horse. She was a beautiful cream fawn and she was the child of Sugar and Spice. We didn't have a name for it yet, but we decided it would be Taye's birthday present. Even though we weren't really supposed to name it (as we let that decision fall into the hands of Taye) I liked to call it Chestnut.


"Hey Chestnut," I smiled, "I'm going to brush your mane for you know. Your going to look all pretty for Taye tomorrow."


I brushed her mane softly, calming the small baby down. I large bang echoed from inside the house and the horse jumped. "Shh, its ok," I   whispered in her ear. Chestnut blinked her eyes slowly and nuzzled closer to me. I gave a small chuckle and patted her on the head. When I finished, I slowly rose and combed my fingers through her mane and I skipped over to Spice.


"You ready, Spice?" I asked, placing the saddle on his back and buckiling it into place.


He gave a neigh of delight and I clambered abored the Spice Express. "Ya!" I yelled as I kicked Spice (softly) on the side. Spice galloped out of the stables and into the fresh autumn air. Ah... Homes Chapel... there's nothing like it! I've grew up here my whole life and its definitely the best place in the world. Spice neighed of happiness while we did circles around the fenced area. I stroked Spice's mane as he kept galloping until he got tired. He gradually slowed down and stopped near the stables after fifteen minutes or so.


"Charlotte! Those are not your riding clothes!" My mother skreeched from inside the house, "Get off Spice now and change!"


I rolled my eyes as I hopped off my magestic horse, "Relax mother! I was just taking Spice for a quick ride..."


"No excuses! Just... get inside now. I don't want you riding Spice without my permission from now on. That'll teach you a valuable lesson!"


The window shut with a huge slam which signified my mother was in no mood for arguments. I obeyed her and led Spice back to his stable...



* *



That next night, we pulled up at Taye's house for her sixth birthday party. Chestnut was coming in a seperate car which wasn't too far behind. Taye's house was a mansion like ours, but it was a little larger considering they had three children. A valet took our car and we headed inside. The foyer was packed with guests in masks that it looked ridiculous.


"Charlie! Charlieeeee!" Taye's voice cried. I squinted my eyes through the crowd and saw her bounding towards us. She jumped into my arms and I laughed with delight.


"Wow Taye! You look very pretty, just like a princess!" I admired, smiling like I haven't seen the dress before. Just like I thought, she was wearing nearly a replica of the pink dress my mother wanted to buy that day before. She was adorable. Her dirty blonde hair was pulled back into a perfect bun and her blue eyes hid behind her pink mask.


"How'd you know it was me?!" Taye grinned, slipping up her mask onto her forehead.


"Lucky guess, I suppose!" I chuckled, kissing her on the forehead, "Hey... Do you want to see you present?" I asked as I put her down.


"YES! GIMME, GIMME, GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!" Taye squealed, causing guests to stare.


"Taye! Be polite, we have guests..." Taye's mother hissed then facing us as soon as she arrived, "Good evening, Elizabeth and Charlotte. Welcome to Taye's 6th Birthday Masquerade Ball. Would you mind placing your... err... gifts on the far table?"


"Oh, Daisy. I don't think that would exactly work out..." My mother said.


Taye's mother raised an eyebrow, "And why might that be?"


I bit my lip, trying not to laugh, "How about we show you?"


I pushed oven the brass doors and there stood Chestnut with an animal handler.


"You got me a PONY?!" Taye screamed as she sprinted towards Chestnut. We all laughed and Taye's mother stood in shock.


"A fawn? Really, Elizabeth..." she huffed, tapping her foot.


"Our horse Sugar had the little one a few weeks ago. We were going to sell her but we thought we might as well give it to little Taye for her birthday." My mother explained, "Look at them, they're best friends already."


"Charlie! Charlie! What should I name the pony?" Taye asked while patting Chestnut.


Taye's mother shook her head, "Taye I think you should return back to your guests. We'll arange the small pony to be taken to the stables. We'll name her later."


I headed inside out of the cold breeze. Taye's mother stood up on the staircase and clapped her hands, "Everyone, would you please make your way to the ballroom in an orderly fashion. Mostly everyone is here but I think its best we move on."


All of the guests shuffled up the stairs and into a large ballroom. The floor was made of beautiful pearl coloured marble and large windows were set across the walls. A balcony was set outside a door for fresh air and a magnificent view. In the corners on the left side of the ballroom sat two staircases leading up to an indoor balcony.


"Enjoy!" Taye yelled as the live music began to play.


Everyone was dressed up so nicely and elegant and it seemed like I was the only one wearing black. Everyone was so bright except for me. In some point of the room stood Emma talking to other girls our age. They weren't parrots like Emma's flock from school, they looked more b*tchier. Emma's dress was way too much. It was a white dress that expanded out way too far. She looked like a marshmellow. Her mask was covered with white feathers and had a swans neck and head poking out on the side. She noticed me before I could turn around and she called my name out. If I walked away, I would make a bad impression towards the other girls. This is my chance to piss her off, I thought as I made my way slowly over to Emma.


"Charlotte!" She grinned, giving me deathly elevator eyes, "What's wrong with your dress?"


"It's fine, whats wrong with yours?" I snapped, causing the other girls to laugh.


Emma kept calm and gave me a mean smile, "Oh, your funny, cousin! But its a birthday party, not a funeral."


I smirked, "Oh, I'm quite aware of that cuz. Are you the entertainment for the evening? I thought Taye was afraid of Polar Bears..."


The other girls laughed even harder and Emma shot me a death stare. She spun around to her "friends" and curtsyed, "Excuse me..." Emma walked straight up to me, grabbed my hand and hauled me up the stairs. In her favour, there was no body on the indoor balcony except us, which gave her a perfect opportunity to slam me against the wall.


"Is there a brain in that pathetic head of yours?" Emma hissed, pushing me hard against the wall.


I coughed, "Yes Emma, there is!"


"Well then why are you embarrasing me! I would suggest you stay out of my way, for the entire night... or else." She sneered.


I shook my head, "Or else what, Emma? I'm sure I'd love to tell my mother how I was squashed by a marshmellow."


Emma stomped on my foot and I groaned in pain which was so unattractive, "Just, don't talk to anyone... Ok? My future husband will be arriving shortly because he will be the last one to arrive and I don't want you to mess anything up."


Before I could breathe another word, Emma headed down the stairs. I didn't want to go down there and see the guests, hardly any of them I knew. I slid down against the wall and sat there, listening to the live music and muffled voices. Everyone was having a great time... Except me. Sometime later, I heard a group of guests heading up the stairs. I quickly got up and hurried down the stairs. I needed air and I didn't want those guests to see me sitting up there. I headed outside onto one of the three balconies. The frosty wind peirced my face as soon as I stepped out. I closed the door behind me and leaned against the concrete railing. I sighed, my breath swirling through the air. Why did I even come? Why didn't I pretend I was sick. Well, I am sick... sick and tired of these heels! God they're painful! Why couldn't I wear my converse or something? It's cold out here, why don't I go back inside? Yes, yes, I'll hide in the bathroom until further notice. I quickly spun on my heel and headed to the door before I slammed into somebody. Somebody that changed my life forever...

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