In The Misty Meadow

*My english project this half term is to write a horror story. And of course I'm putting it on here too. Any comments and feedback would be amazing as it would help me go up a level if you can spot any grammar mistakes.*

Samantha Brown and Lauren Spencer are on a school trip in an ancient mansion in cornwall. What will happen when one of them goes missing and no one can remember her at all??
Read more to find out xx


2. Two

Running.  Faster and faster I force myself to go speedier than possible.  Something is following me and I can hear it gaining on me.  I only went out for a breath of fresh air and I ended up sprinting for my life through this ancient, unnaturally inhabited forest. I pant like a wolf as my adrenaline runs out.

The long arms of the deciduous trees swipe at me as I bash them away.  I don’t think I can last much longer.  My feet trip over an elongated root that sticks awkwardly out of the sodden ground.  Smash!  My face hits the ground.  A shooting pain snipes through my throbbing head also my knees feel raw from the rough forest floor.  I hurry to get up.  In my struggle I fail to realise that the woods have gone silent.

Slowly, I gaze at my surroundings.  The moonlight shines through the gap in the trees.  I rise to my feet in mesmerised awe.  I can’t believe my eyes.  I am in the most beautiful meadow. Ever.

Mist lies over the glen obscuring the soft grass from my vision.  The silence is not eerie; in fact it is comfortingly still.  The meadow is calm and still (though not in the creepy way).  Tall silver birch’s framed the stagnant zone. Wild, wondrous, wistfully waiting to be discovered in all its glorious beauty that makes the evilest of souls sigh.  Although no animals run through, it is amazingly alive.


Sluggishly, I stepped forward into the centre of the circle in awe.  Eventually I became more confident in this fantastic safe place.  “WOOOOOO!!!!” I scream out in joy.  This is a-maz-ing!! I thought to myself.

A cool breeze lifts my hair; also sending shivers down my spine.  I felt like I was being watched, like an enemy spy.  Anxiously I turned around to see… It.

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