In The Misty Meadow

*My english project this half term is to write a horror story. And of course I'm putting it on here too. Any comments and feedback would be amazing as it would help me go up a level if you can spot any grammar mistakes.*

Samantha Brown and Lauren Spencer are on a school trip in an ancient mansion in cornwall. What will happen when one of them goes missing and no one can remember her at all??
Read more to find out xx


3. Three

I was lying in bed drawing a picture of the beast that I had fantasized of last night.  It had large red glowing eyes that stood out from the pitch black sky.  Its body was like that of a human however it was skeletal and wispy.  Skin white as snow on Christmas Eve; blanketing his face like the minute crystals on the ground.  I must admit that the clothes it was wearing were certainly not helping the image.  Skimpy little pieces of red silk hung over its wispy frame.  Its elongated limbs hung strong as a bear.  White ribs stuck out from its torso like a starved child. Long black hair, it had, straight as a ruler.

I figured it was a pretty good sketch.  ‘Samantha brown’ I wrote at the bottom along with the date.  I placed the illustration on the rickety wooden bed side table along with my expensive sketching pencils.  Sighing, I stood up and changed into a slogan t-shirt and jeans, ready for the adventurous day ahead.

I am on a school trip with all the kids from my year in the beautiful Cornwall countryside.  We are staying in a large mansion called Lullaby house.  We will probably take part in what are supposedly adventurous activities however I guess that many will be a bit lame.  However I and my mates are determined to have fun.  I have one friend who is a bit closer than the others.  She’s called Lauren Brown.

Lauren has long black hair that falls gracefully in ringlets on her shoulders.  She is quite small in height and also athletic in figure.  She has gorgeous blue eyes that lure you into an ocean of blue liquid. Like a maze, many get lost in them.  Her skin is ivory; soft as velvet; pure as snow.  Her laugh however is like a goat, which I find hilarious.  However apparently I’m not one to talk.

I walk over to her bunk intending to pounce on her in a wakeup call.  She can be lazy as a mouse on autumn mornings.  As I approached I noticed something rather peculiar.  The bed was prim and proper as if no one had ever slept in it.  The meticulous bedstead was just like it had been when we had first arrived, yesterday morning.  Flummoxed I searched around the barely furnished yet ornate room looking for her.  Yet try as I might she refused to be found.

Phoebe, one of our roommates, enquired “what are you looking for Samantha?”  I looked at her curiously before replying “why, Lauren of course!”  Phoebe rolled her eyes, “whose Lauren? Don’t tell me your pulling my leg; there is no Lauren in our year.”  What does she mean? “Yes there is Lauren spencer.  You know, blue eyes; raven black hair; very short?” I suggested, and then out of frustration I added “laughs like a goat?”  Still phoebe had a blank expressionless look on her face.  We kept eye contact for ten seconds before she broke away and laughed, “I always knew you were mad Samantha Brown.  You and your imaginary friends…” she walked out of the rectangular room with her wash kit, headed for the shared toilets.

Frustrated, I screamed.  Unfortunately Mrs Wald heard me consequently she poked her head around the corner of the old rickety wooden door.  “Is everything alright Sammie?” she asked worried.  Quickly I uttered “no, no, everything’s alright,” I quickly searched for an excuse, “I saw a spider.” I said sheepishly.  Luckily for me Mrs Wald believed me (we have a lot of over the top squeamish girls in our form).  As she was about to leave I asked her “where is Lauren Spencer?” she sighed and said, “Don’t be silly Sammie.”

What does this mean? I wonder.  She can’t be missing can she?  Maybe I imagined her.  But that can’t be it; we have too many memories together.  Wherever she is I will not forget her.  I know what I’m going to do: I am going to search for her.  She can’t have gone very far from this ancient mansion.  Neither would she have ventured very far into the woods.  That’s it! She must be in the woods.

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